21 April 2018

How to Switch from NEO GUI Wallet to Neon Wallet COZ (City Of Zion)

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How To Switch from the NEO GUI Wallet to the Neon – City Of Zion – Wallet

For those of you having problems using the NEO GUI Wallet, as it is not a Light Wallet, and requires full syncing, you can solve this problem by using the Neon Wallet. “Full Syncing” means you have to download the entire blockchain data in order to view your transactions.  Slow internet, for example, can cause problems when syncing to the NEO GUI Wallet.

Now, in order to use the City of Zion’s ‘Neon Wallet’, and switch from NEO GUI Wallet, please take the following steps!

Download Neon Wallet v0.2.3


Step 1: Open up the NEO-GUI Wallet. It doesn’t matter if you are fully synced or not, just perform the task described hereunder selecting the ‘Wallet. json file.

Click Wallet – > Open Wallet Database..-> Select your Wallet.json file

NEO Gui Open Wallet


Step 2: After having done that, you will see this screen with all of your addresses listed:

Neo Gui Wallet Logged


Step 3: Now right click on the Address that you want to export to the Neon Wallet, and click -> View Private Key

(Keep your Private Key safe! Never share, or paste it online!)


Neo Gui Wallet View Private Key


Step 4: Now you should copy the WIF Private Key as seen here below in the image.


NEO Gui WIF Private Key


Step 5: Now that we have our NEO GUI, WIF Private Key of our Wallet Address, let’s move on and go to the Neon Wallet and do the following;

Open the Neon Wallet, and click on the tab ‘Login using a private key

Neon Wallet Login WIF Private Key


Step 6: After you clicked, ‘Login using a private key’, you’ll be able to paste the WIF Private Key you’ve copied before from the NEO GUI Wallet. That’s it, you’re ready to go and you’ll be able to view your NEO balance, including NEP-5 Tokens and GAS.

Neon Wallet

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