22 April 2018

NEO  Smart Economy and its ICOs – A guide to the future crypto world

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NEO Smart Economy

NEO is a self-descriptive term in the crypto world which represents the next generation hype NEO Smart Economy. This NEO platform was previously known as “Antshares” but later modified.

NEO and ICOs – in Crypto 2018

A platform becomes part of routine life only if it has something unique inside. While we talk about the crypto world there are so many astonishing names and services – so a hard competition.
NEO is something more than a common crypto platform with its emerging and evolving list of amenities. According to some latest researches; a notable number of projects are shifting to NEO blockchain.

NEO is a point of attraction because of its lesser transaction speed in comparison to other platforms and robust flexibility and support. NeoVM is the key to execute NEO smart contract code. Which supports existing coding languages including VB.net, C#, Java and .Net.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the most important key to blockchain technologies because of them we called blockchain a highly reliable system in terms of today’s disruptive technology. NEO smart contract is currently 2.0 version and is high in performance and reliability.

As below-mentioned image explains the NEO Virtual Machine architecture where it shows the smart contract execution.
NEO smart contracts are expandable in any pre-existing code base.
List of supported languages are:

• C#
• VB.Net
• F#
• Java, Kotlin
• Python

Neo Smart Contract Compiler


Neon Exchange (NEX)

  • Neon Exchange (NEX)
  • Token Price: 1 NEX = 1 USD
  • Started: March
  • Goal: $ 25,000,000 USD

Neon Exchange is one of the NEO blockchain ICO with a major feature of being Decentralized Exchange which gives customers more control of funds and lowers the risk of being hacked. NEX provides funds management layer for smart contracts.

Concierge (CGE)

Started: March

CGE is decentralized travel booking platform for vendors with low-cost guaranty. It is facilitating users by providing easy booking and exchange platform with the base of NEO blockchain. It is currently offering most reliable, transparent and handy booking system for travel & tourism sector.

Orbis (OBT

Started: January 2018

  • Goal: $12,000,000 USD

OBT provides global accessibility by empowering distributed local networks which ultimately benefits both consumer and developer. It provides solid grounds for and reliable set of protocols to use including OrbiStore, OrbisWeb, and OrbisToken.

Asura Coin (ASA)

  • Token Price: 1 ASA = $ 0.02 USD
  • Start: 21 May ,2018 –15 June 2018
  • Goal: $ 12,000,000 USD

Asura is providing a central platform to gather world’s eSport community. This platform is specifically designed for gaming to enhance the interest and joy of its user with a high level of interactivity and increasing competition.
Asura coin is the only currency which is used on Asura World platform for all kind of games.

iMusify (IMU):

  • Start: 1st May 2018

IMU is a platform for artists who create music. It gives them the value they put in their music by compensating $1IMU. It is using some strict rule in the governance of Smart Contracts.


  • Token Price: 1CPX = 0.0498 USD which is 0.001 NEO
  • Started: 29 January 2018
  • Goal: 25,000,000 USD

APEX is aimed to change the consumer lifecycle into a newly emerging way by building an ecosystem which will decentralize all Business to Customer interactions. APEX’s higher priority is to make that system most reliable and trust-worthy for both parties with lesser effort.

PikcioChain (PKC)


  • Token Price: 1 PKC = 0.4166 NEO
  • Started: 11 November 2017

Pikcio is purely working for personal data security by retaining its full control in hands of users. Users are the boss of their information and determine by themselves where it can be shared.

Upcoming ICOs

  • Effect.ai (EFX)
  • Moonlight
  • PeerAtlas (ATLAS)


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