24 April 2018

Aphelion beta release v1.1.6 – Desktop Wallet


Aphelion is a decentralized P2P trading solution (DEX) built on NEO blockchain; aims to offer best crypto trading opportunities for users in a secure and user-friendly way.

Recently Aphelion has released it beta version v1.1.6 of desktop wallet. According to official website notes; wallet holds the outstanding features to let their users experience wallet-based peer to peer trading in all over the crypto world. Aphelion is an open source and decentralized solution distributed through Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (D.E.A.L).

Key features

  • Wallet based Peer to peer trading
  • Decentralized environment
  • Real time trading data charts
  • Nep5 integration
  • Full ledger integration for Windows & Linux
  • Higher security protocols
  • Customizable address book
  • Working with QR codes

Upcoming features:

  • DEX and D.E.A.L integration
  • Mac ledger support
  • Mobile version

Aphelion is one of DApps on NEO blockchain platform which is aimed at incentivized both user and investor in the form of APH token. APH token can be used for peer to peer trading, which gets distributed to holders just same as NEO and GAS.

It is important to note that likely other DApps; Aphelion doesn’t hold any data. All transactions are open, where users have more control over their data to decide where and to whom it can be shared.

How to create a wallet?

Anyone who wishes to try these outstanding features can download the desktop version from the following link:


⦁ After downloading and installation the main screen is opened with two options: Login and Create Wallet
⦁ Click on Create wallet option; a form is opened to fill the information including wallet name and passphrase.
⦁ Once the wallet is created you can log in through main screen’s login button
⦁ After login user redirected to the Desktop page

Aphelion Wallet

WHY Aphelion?

Aphelion solution was built to resolve a bundle of crypto world problem which people usually face during cross chain trading and transactions. It has enhanced the use of transaction which is based on token called Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger or DEAL. These types of transactions work through smart contracts and are not suffering from any platform dependencies. Aphelion has its internal token APH which Liquid Verification Device(LVD); which means all transactions are measured through its value and promise faster, highly secure connection between D.E.A.L and its users. Being one of the moderate next generation DApps; Aphelion token protocol allows it to integrate with any DApp as it is labeled to be open source.

Aphelion is a next-generation DApp and its token protocol makes it possible to integrate with any other DApp on blockchain network. Aphelion is an open-source decentralized solution which means it’s not owned by any organization, company, institute or group. All transactions are on open to its customers with full data ownership. Users are encouraged to have direct connections while trading and choosing terms and conditions. Aphelion’s mission is to empower decentralized app community where more apps are open sourced and without in ownership of an entity.


Technologies Used

  • P2P networking
  • dBFT consensus
  • digital certificates
  • Superconducting Transactions
  • Cross-chain interoperability
  • Digital assets

All of the technologies used in Aphelion made it much more safe and reliable for overall user experience. All technologies and integrated in such a safe and efficient way that it proves the true blockchain management properties. Digital assets are electronic data which enhances the traceability and promotes a safe, transparent trade in blockchain world. Assets digitization is key to the whole solution where the user can enroll, start trading and even exchange multiple cryptocurrencies over different networks.


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