24 April 2018

Zeepin – Zeepin Chain TestNet launch

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Zeepin is platform for different DApps with the primary focus on intellectual property rights, insurance, staffing, project management and project funding etc. Zeepin is known as a distributed new economy for all creative industries with more protection and strong connection between creative industries.

Recently zeepin announced to launch its TestNet with the aim of building a creative smart economy full of smart solutions of different common issues. Zeepin has redesigned their first DApp ZeeRights and line it up with continues progress of Zeepin Chain. This DApp is used to get a digital certificate which gives user registration copyrights. This can also be transferred from one to another user as well. New UI design has been carefully selected to ensures perfect user involvement. New UI will be released in next month and is expected to be a noticeable improvement in relation to all other Zeepin DApps.

Zeepin is already working in partnership with NEO and Onchain. Recently they have let the Ontology to join them for timely launch of customized Zeepin Chain. In collaboration with Ontology, numerous test rounds have been conducted to ensure the quality and challenge free app. Zeepin is continuously busy in the rapid iterative version of zeepin chain to keep pace with day to day challenges and maximize the coverage of DApp. Rapid changes to infrastructure will urge creative industries to join blockchain for their projects.

Zeepin is enhancing all of its distributed projects which holds a different kind of features. They believe that few key features are the backbone of blockchain community which is must to have in each DApps. Those include secure data rights, trusted mechanism, digital assets and digitized resources.

List of DApps on Zeepin ecosystem

  • ZeeRights
  • ZeeCreate
  • ZeeSure
  • ZeeCrew
  • ZeeFund
  • ZeeProof
  • ZeeTalent
  • ZeeWallet

Zeepin Token

WHY Zeepin?

Zeepin is building more trust in different parties to enhance the collaboration and mutual interest. According to the agreement all smart contract with authorization tag is subject to equally profit distribution which makes this framework more transparent and safer. Zeepin ensures the copyright concerns never to be a cause of issue; that is why all copyright information which is published or unpublished is highlighted with Copyright badge. All projects under this umbrella are moderate and mature enough to relay on and reliable to be used.

Zeepin is working for revolutionary change in all sort of creative industries by using the unbeatable power of blockchain platform. With every second this awareness is contributing a very handsome collaboration to move in the right direction of promising future. Zeepin itself using strong collaborations to make new innovation which is preferably transparent. It has its own currency ZPT which can be used to make payment on the Zeepin ecosystem.

This is the only platform perfect for creative industries in terms of finding the best match of their interests. People who are looking for joint ventures, or looking to evolve their designs into manufacturing, or developers looking to get their work publish and much more. It is all in one solution to those techies who are enthusiastic and encouraged toward innovation and creativity in terms of transparency and security.

Another noticeable development part of Zeepin is CryptoGalaxy mobile application which is currently in VIP beta testing. For this purpose, a competition has been started to sign for countries who want a customized planet. People for this competition can invite other people, friends, and colleagues to join them and participate to vote. After that top 70 people from participants list will be invited to join in beta testing round. The competition was announced to be ended on 16th April.

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