25 April 2018

How To Claim NEO GAS With Neon Wallet, Ledger Wallet

How To Claim NEO GAS

Open up your Neon Wallet App, Please make sure your wallet is up to date.

You can download last wallet release from COZ, City Of Zion Github link here:


Login to your NEO Wallet using Private Key , OR hardware Ledger Wallet

Main NEON Wallet


Once logged to your NEO Wallet you should see your NEO, GAS, NEP-5 Tokens balance.

Now click Claim x.x GAS as provided on the image:

Neon Wallet Claim Gas


Claim NEO GAS With Ledger Wallet – Neon Wallet


Open up your Neon Wallet App, Click Login using a Ledger



Once clicked Login using a Ledger Wallet -> click Use Ledger Wallet


To claim your NEO GAS, click Claim x.x GAS and you have to sign the claim on your Ledger Wallet.

  • Everything you doing on your Ledger wallet, that required money moving, such as Sending NEO or GAS Out, or Claim your GAS you need to sign the transaction on your Ledger Wallet hardware.

Neon Wallet Claim Gas

Now after you clicked Claim GAS, you need to Sign the transaction by your Ledger Wallet, sometimes you need to sign the transaction two times.

Ledger Wallet Neo Sign TX


Claim GAS Troubleshooting:

Claiming NEO GAS



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