25 April 2018

NEX Exchange Extension – An introduction

NEX Exchange Extension – An introduction

NEX Chrome Extension


NEON Exchange extension is a powerful tool to browse and check details of blockchain related websites. It also has an outstanding feature of the crypto wallet which makes it more useful for anyone who is addicted to checking crypto websites more often
NEX wallet extension is based on NEX ecosystem with strong and reliable coordination between NEX and its DApps.

WHY NEX Extension?

NEX extension asks for some data in while installing it. The purpose of that is to only filter relevant data for that specific user. NEO is a platform which is already promoting user data and privacy rights, so no one should ever expect that NEO extension will harm them. Exchange extension is a secure tool which asks for some permission only to let its program interact with other decentralized websites and platform. User provided data and permissions are then set as the base of what you are going to explore in future.
One major benefit of using extension is to browse more safely and reliably. NEO has programmed it in a way that it automatically detects if there is a malware or website contains the virus. Upon detection of such kind of websites; it gives a visual message to the user if he wants to continue browsing this affected website or just want to quit. These type of security measures really helps the users who are unaware of underneath click-bites and secret malware.
Some of the users might get worried about these permissions but for the note; such permissions are normally common in almost all extensions as it’s the nature of tool how it works. If a user has stored any data like username, password, key or any other crucial data while using the extension or generated in-between; is always stores locally on the system. So, your data is never in any other hand until unless someone uses your system and find it, but NEO doesn’t have any record of all that information at their end.

Anyone who wishes to join NEX ICO will also get a NEX wallet. NEX ICO will later ask you to register wallet address through NEX wallet extension. Here are simple steps to get this done in minutes:

1. Install Google Chrome browser
2. Go to the web address: https://neonexchange.org/
3. Move to NEX wallet extension section and click on ‘Install NEX extension”
4. It will move to Chrome extension section; click here in Install button
5. The extension is added to your browser
6. Click on Extension shortcut; a disclaimer is opened to accept the privacy statement
7. After accepting; the main screen is opened as follows
8. The user can create a new wallet here or otherwise can choose to login with existing wallet key
9. Once the user has setup wallet with personal information it will be redirected to the main page

NEX Wallet

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