26 April 2018

Chinapex – Maserati AI + Blockchain-Powered Customer Insights

Maserati is one of the leading car brands which is well known because of its awesome luxury car collection with all tastes of style, performance, and elegant designs. They have very strong background with decades of success over the globe. Because of being one the most emerging and focused entity, they have recently stepped in blockchain platform to have better customer insights to ensure outstanding customer experience. Their aim is to achieve a filtered and refine data of their customers which will help them to modify their services according to needs of actual consumer feedback and views.

Maserati + Chinapex
China is one of the largest markets of Maserati with the huge number of customers and their trust. Maserati has started working Chinapex which is already a proven data tech company and owned a list of innovative solution skilled with AI features and blockchain marketing strategies. Chinapex is already providing intelligent CRM solution which helps companies to understand predictive machine learnings, Natural language processing and deep insights of customers. They are also skilled enough in getting most relevant data about customer satisfaction, experience, reliability, loyalty, engagement.
Such kind of data is the actual need of Maserati to improve their customer support and customer experience section. One more big concern is to secure customer data rights as well. Chinapex is a huge fan of privacy and data protection law that is way their first priority in any of their tool/ services is to maintain high-level data security and integrity in records to get the useful results.
It is expected a wise decision of Maserati to choose Chinapex for a key improvement in their brand name. The purposed platform suite which is used for this purpose has IQ, a fast and trackable integration with Salesforce and APEX data connectors, and furthermore the Chinepex’s flagship AI platform with machine learning skills. Maserati is in a relationship bound with Chinapex since 2016 and collaborating on data-driven marketing technologies also known as NEXUS. But now after seeing fast-growing AI emergence and its outstanding results have made them to slip in this new cooperation for customer data insight purpose.
As Chinapex is going to add proprietary blockchain platform APEX on the B2C applications and interactions, this will be a huge plus for Maserati point of interest. Because APEX network TestNet is a robust but seamless integration in-between APEX and IQ which will enhance the actual consumer data in a more refined form. As IQ will allow getting more insights of interaction value through machine learning models. Powerful B2C data and interaction insights will give advanced level and most relevant data from Maserati’s client base which will meet the actual expectations.
As hopes are high for Chinapex’s APEX network integration because it will be an emerging change in consumer area of all sort of industries. Due to current data issue, it is hard to decide which marketing model should be implemented or selected according to received B2C data. But unfortunately, none of the existing models is working as expected which leads business in totally other direction. This is why Maserati has chosen stable and scalable services of Chinapex for their data insights improvement which would increase consumer engagement and better customer experience at the end. Chinapex is aimed to continue innovation in different parts of B2C lifecycle by focusing on user engagement, user experience, unified data, marketing strategies and more optimized approaches towards scalability. We are now in Blockchain era where DApps are increasing, solutions are more robust, integrations are easier, privacy is stronger, and rights are getting secure. So, hopes are high for Maserati as well in this new collaboration.

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