26 April 2018

How to add custom NEP-5 token to your Neon Wallet – Include list of NEO token script hash

Hi everyone! If you have been wondering how you can easily add a custom NEP-5 token to you NEON Wallet, look no further. This tutorial will show you in a couple of easy steps how to get the job done! First of all, make sure you have the latest Neon Wallet release.

Neon Wallet 0.2.8


Step 1: First of all, we are going to browse to Neotracker.io and select ‘Assets’.



NeoTracker Asset List


Step 2: Select the desired NEP-5 asset from the list that you want to add to your Neon Wallet. In our example TKY.

NEO Asset List


Step 3: Here, you simply copy the ‘Hash’ of the NEP-5 token and save it to your clipboard.

TKY NEO Script Hash


Step 4: Now, simply open your wallet and click ‘Manage Neon Settings’.

Neon Manager Setting


Step 5: Here you click ‘Manage Tokens’.

Neon Manage Tokens


Step 6: Now click ‘Add a new token’.

Neon Add a new token

Step 7: Last step, you paste the ‘Hash’ that you copied from Neotracker.io and click ‘Save’! Congratulations, you are done. Next time you login to your Neon Wallet you’ll see the token was added.

Neon Wallet Save Script Hash


Just to show you, I’ve logged back into my Neon Wallet and you’ll see that my ‘TKY’ NEP-5 token was added. In case you don’t see your the token added, it means you don’t have any. In previous releases (version 0.1.1), the Neon Wallet also displayed zero balances, but not anymore. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!
Neon Wallet Show Balance


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