27 April 2018

BizShake – BZS security token announced

BizShake NEO

Bizshake is one of the ecosystem based on NEO who works on Peer 2 Peer (P2P) sharing and tokenization to identify an individual. They have recently announced a security token which known as BZS token. This security token will be soon available for the public. As each project based on blockchain has priority features of security, so does BizShake as well. Their big innovation will fall under securities category in the crypto world.

BZS token sale

Security token’s private sale will be started on 1st October whereas they have announced to start the first public sale of BZS security token on 15th October.
Same as other blockchain networks; initial token holder of BZS will be able to vote in any business strategy owned or governed by BizShake. They can also participate to choose a representative who can later join the board of director’s seat.
BizShake is planning to progress in a legal and professional manner by maintaining all required standards of the crypto world. They are doing arrangements and fulfilling requirements to get US SEC Reg 4+ rating which would be compliant with ICO rules. Their submission is expected in upcoming weeks in May. We already know each crypto project should maintain and purposed a plan which is of community interest and mutual collaboration is a must. BizShake will release its Alpha version of BizShake platform before October. So, we are expecting a good addition in blockchain network before BZS security token release.

Security token distribution

  • 50% for toke sale
  • 30% reserved
  • 15% for founders
  • 5% for Advisors

Token price has been decided to be dependent on NEO, so it will be calculated at current NEO rate and USD exchange rate, which is now $74. But they have mentioned that if there is a difference about 10% than price will be recalculated.


It is US-based startup which is a collaboration of team consist of retail, e-commerce and high techies. Their plan was to innovate a system which is based on P2P sharing and beneficial for whole society in all ways.

Company offices are now in:

⦁ Hong Kong
⦁ New York
⦁ Shanghai

They are now busy in developing “p2p sharing ecosystem” by using NEO as the basis of their platform which will give users opportunity to present their assets directly to other users for different purposes i.e. renting, selling etc. This ecosystem is not limited to a specific branch of assets; any time of type or sort of assets are part of it including house, cycle, bike, cars, buildings, land, or any possible item. BizShake is developing on blockchain technology which will be definitely in a decentralized way along with incentives for other users. Incentivize will let other users to get the benefit of all profits. All platform transactions will be tokenized and under compliant security protocols, which will ensure user data privacy and transparency to gain more trust.

ITO Structure

⦁ Total tokens: 200,000,000
⦁ Available token for sale: 100,000,000
⦁ Token name: BZS
⦁ Token type: NEP-5
⦁ BZS Private sale: 1st October to 14th October
⦁ BZS Public sale: 15th October to 31st October
⦁ Accepted currencies: NEO, GAS, ONT
⦁ Early bonuses:
⦁ Private sale: 40%
⦁ Public sale phase 1: 25%
⦁ Public sale phase 2(Oct 19 – Oct 21): 15%
⦁ Public sale phase 2 (Oct 22 – Oct 25): 10%
⦁ Public sale phase 2 (Oct 26 – Oct 31): None

Along with above mentioned token allocation; token holder will also be able to get a 30% of the part which will be distributed by BizShake Inc. for all of their early contributors. It’s a great opportunity to invest in an upcoming strong economy which is purely based on peer to peer sharing systems.

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