28 April 2018

A Step by Step Guide To NEON Wallet 

NEON is a self-descriptive term in the crypto world which represents the next generation hype NEO Smart Economy. NEO platform was previously known as “Antshares” but later modified.

NEO is one of the most successful blockchain solutions in 2017, significant yearly growth. It has already exceeded its goal. NEO has also another token known as GAS, which is more likely NEO and given as a reward to NEO holders. There is a specific number of GAS generated per NEO block. So, at the backend, both are from the same platform.

It has NEO wallet to hold tokens and/or claim GAS as well, with expected some smart features of trading as well. While we talk about the crypto world it’s already very known to almost every second person, but there are still some newbies who have trouble while working with blockchain products of features because of less familiarity.

Here are few easy and to the point, step to create and use NEO wallet.

How to create NEO wallet?

⦁ Go to the following link: https://github.com/CityOfZion/neon-wallet/releases

⦁ Download the latest version of NEO wallet, depending upon your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux)
⦁ Once it is downloaded, move forward to install it. Installation is same as do with any other tool
⦁ After installation opens the wallet by clicking on the app icon. The following screen will appear


⦁ Click on “Create a new wallet” option on the screen; following screen will be shown


⦁ Enter a strong phrase here which minimum 12 characters long is and hard to guess for anyone and then click on Generate Keys button


⦁ After pressing button following screen will be shown where a note is written about how the keys backup should be taken in case if someone loses them and also suggestion about how to save it.


⦁ Enter a name of the account which will also the name of your wallet and Print it first to have an offline record of your key in case if you forget your passphrase. You can save if offline just by clicking on print and save it as pdf to the desktop or any other desired location on your system.
Now click on back button and open “Login using a saved wallet


⦁ Following login screen is opened where a drop is available to select the saved wallet and a field to enter Passphrase


⦁ Select your saved wallet from the drop down and enter passphrase and click on login button. After login main wallet dashboard is opened as follows:


⦁ The wallet has two main section; first shows an overview of available NEO & GAS whereas the second section has transaction history information. On the top, it has a horizontal list of prices of NEO, GAS, block, and dropdown to choose running on MainNet or TestNet.

How to Receive Funds on NEO wallet?


⦁ Click on Receive button at the top of first section; a pop is opened with a public key(Your NEO Wallet Address) as follows:


⦁ Now go to other platform of exchange where you have to buy NEO, use there you key and fund will be transferred in your NEO wallet in few minutes. Sometimes it depends upon from where you have bought and transferred.
Once NEO is added in your wallet you can claim your GAS reward by clicking on Claim xxxx GAS button:


Soon after claiming GAS; they will also be added to your wallet. Your wallet is all set now, for security reasons you can better keep it log out and keep your passphrase at a secure place to avoid any kind of surprises.

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