28 April 2018

How To Transfer Any NEO Wallet To A ‘NEO GUI Wallet’ By Importing The Private Keys.

Hi everyone, if you want a step by step tutorial on how to import your private keys from your current wallet into the NEO GUI Wallet, you have come to the right place.

The tutorial is organized in 3 parts so you can easily skip the parts where you don’t need clarification.

⦁ Locate your ‘Private Key’ (WIF KEY)
⦁ How to install the ‘NEO GUI Wallet’
⦁ How to import your ‘Private Key’ successfully into NEO GUI Wallet

Part 1: Locate your ‘Private Key’

Your ‘Private Key’ is the most important key that is held alongside your NEO address. While a public address can be shared with anyone securely, and an encrypted key still has the protection of your introduced passphrase, your private key gives anyone immediate access to your wallet. It must be kept safe and private at all times.

In this tutorial however, we will need it to import your ‘wallet’ (paper wallet, web wallet,…) into the NEO GUI Pc client. So, it’s up to you now to locate where you have saved the ‘Private Key’ of the wallet you want to transfer.

OUR EXAMPLE: Our ‘Private Key’ as shown on the image in green. Remember, at the end of this process, I want to see my ‘Public Address’ displayed in the NEO GUI interface.

NEO Gui Wallet Private Key

Part 2: How to install the ‘NEO GUI Wallet’

If you already have your NEO GUI Wallet installed, proceed immediately to part 3 of this tutorial. For those who still have to install the NEO GUI wallet, please follow the steps as described here in part 2.

Step 1: Download the NEO GUI Wallet here: https://github.com/neo-project/neo-gui/releases

NEO Gui Wallet Github Snapshot

Step 2: ‘Open’ and ‘Unzip’ the downloaded file.

Step 3: In order to have a faster ‘synchronization process’ when installing your NEO GUI wallet, it is recommended that you perform steps (a) and (b), however you can also choose to skip these steps and immediately jump to step 4.

-(a) Download the chain.acc.zip file: (for fast sync)


NEO Wallet Bootstrap

-(b) Drag or copy the chain.acc.zip file to the NEO-GUI folder as shown below:

NEO GUI Folder

Step 4: Launch the NEO GUI wallet by locating and clicking the application file in the NEO-GUI root folder.

NEO GUI Wallet Root


Part 3: How to import your ‘Private Keys’ successfully into NEO GUI

Step 1: Check that your NEO GUI wallet is fully synchronized! The ‘Height’ needs to be exactly the same as shown in the image below. You can check the current ‘Height’ of the Neo blockchain on any Neo blockchain explorer. Example: Neotracker.io


Step 2: First we have to create your ‘New Wallet Database’ file.

(a) Click – ‘New Wallet Database’.

NEO Gui New Wallet

(b) Click -’Browse’.

NEO GUI Locate Your Wallet File

(c) Set the location of the storage folder, name your ‘Wallet file’ and click ‘Save’.

Save Your NEO Wallet

(d) Now, enter a password and confirm it. Warning! You should backup this file and your password. Losing them would result in a loss of your crypto assets!

NEO Wallet Password

(e) Your Wallet Database file was successfully created alongside a new public address. Now ‘Right Click’ inside the white area of the ‘Account Tab’. Click ‘Import from WIF’. Now, insert your ‘Private Key’ and confirm by clicking ‘OK’.

NEO GUI Wallet





Step 3 and final step! Double check that your ‘Public Address’ from your imported wallet is displayed NEO Gui Create Walletin your NEO GUI interface. Yes, you were successful! Good Job! We hope you have found this tutorial helpful. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment!


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