29 April 2018

Don’t Be Left Out KYC And Whitelist Registration By Coupit Is Ongoing!

Are you an individual or business entity wishing to build your online brand by boosting your product sales and patronage for your services?
If your answer is Yes, then you must be one of the hundreds of thousands of online business persons and corporate entities looking for a platform where there products and services can get positive reviews and ratings that will help to drive a huge traffic of their target audience to their website and this will effectively lead to the growth of their fledgling businesses.

With the KYC and Whitelist program by Coupit you can take a crucial step forward in your quest to grow and expand your online business empire. The announcement by Coupit on the 25th of April, 2018 to open their KYC and Whitelist registration (started by 5:00pm PST on the 26th of April) for the public sale of their specialised token couldn’t have come any sooner.

However, for anyone not familiar with this registration or with Coupit for that matter, all that has been said so far in this article would sound alien indeed. So you might at this point be wondering what all the fuss is about anyway. To put your mind at rest, this article will start from the beginning and there’s no better place to start other than from understanding what exactly Coupit is all about.

What Is Coupit?

If you have never heard about Coupit before, you need not worry as you are in the right place to learn what it’s all about. Coupit simply put is an e-commerce incentive based platform built and driven on the NEO blockchain.

If this all sounds a bit confusing, then Coupit can be further simplified as a platform where individuals and corporate entities can successfully market their commodities while still earning lucrative rewards from several predetermined and pre-arranged programs.

With Coupit, pressing issues experienced by all the major players in the e-commerce market are effectively resolved. These pressing issues include:

● Trust issues.
● Inconsistent affiliate programs.
● Problems with reputation building.
● Costly and lengthy payment procedure.
● Inadequate loyalty programs.

Misleading Review And Rating Systems

One key area of concern for online businesses as stated by Coupit in their white paper submission is the issue of “Misleading or False Reviews”. To buttress this point Coupit stated in their white paper submission that this is an issue that even fellow competing platforms like the centralised FourSquare, Yelp and Google Places have not been able to thoroughly address. The argument by Coupit is that these centralised competing platforms are unable to provide genuine proof that their review and rating system for online businesses can be trusted as fact.

They question the integrity of these centralised platforms to give an accurate account of the state of a business through their review and rating services. To further strengthen their argument Coupit stated that the final consumer of the products and services offered by online businesses are not really encouraged to provide genuine and positive reviews based on their personal experience from the patronage of the product or service. This is because according to their submission, centralised platforms do not offer any form of incentive to the final consumer.

What then happens is that the review and rating system will be over run by a small number of disgruntled and dissatisfied consumers who are actually in the minority, but who would be in the majority when it comes to providing a review or rating a commodity because they naturally would feel that giving a negative feedback would be their best way of voicing their contempt for a service or product. The majority of satisfied end users seem uninterested in giving a positive feedback on a product or service because of a lack of an incentive for them to do so.

A Decentralised E-Commerce Platform

The main goal of Coupit is to provide a decentralised e-commerce platform. Where the final consumer of the products and services offered by online businesses are encouraged to give positive reviews based on their personal experiences from the use of a product or for services rendered. These consumers will be excited to give their feedback because of the several incentives on offer for them. Coupit aims at boosting the number of genuine positive reviews that a business will get by providing the following incentives:

● It will provide an affiliate program which will distribute funds in a timely and automatic manner.
● Coupit will provide a trust program that aims at ascertaining the reputation of both the online businesses and their final consumers.
● They aim to provide an analytical dashboard that incorporates machine-learning algorithms in order to give online businesses a fair idea of how their consumers rate their business.
● Coupit also has a resolution center as part of the incentives to encourage people to give their feedback on an online business. At the resolution center consumers can make their complaints known and have them attended to in real-time.
● Another incentive is a loyalty program to reward those consumers that have consistently given a positive review on the services or products of an online business.

Why Blockchain Tech Is The Preferred Option

Blockchain technology is the preferred option to ensure a decentralised e-commerce according to Coupit and for the following reasons;

● With Coupit there will be a significant drop in transaction costs.
● You will have a more transparent review and rating system.
● There will be a systematic form of recording consumer activities.
● Final consumers will experience a better P2P communication that will build trust and loyalty.

What’s On Offer By Coupit?

There are two tokens on hand, these include a main utility token known as the Coupit (COUP) and the Recoupit (RCPT) which is specifically meant to be of benefit to those that hold the Coupit (COUP) token. The Recoupit tokens will be generated by Coupit holders automatically. However, this token is directly related to the sum value held in their wallets. It can also be utilised to market products and services on the decentralised Coupit platform as well as in redeeming the prize on any special offer displayed.

Registration Is On!

You can join in the KYC and Whitelist program by registering with Coupit and opening an account with them today. Creating an account is simple and requires that you provide some basic personal data such as your Full Name, Date of Birth (DoB), current email address and country of residence. Once you have registered your personal information, you will be required to state your preferred level of contribution to the public token sale which can be any amount below or above the sum of $25,000.
Whitelist program
If you want to contribute an amount over $25,000 you will be required to provide much more financial and personal information as stated in the terms and conditions of Coupit. Also note that Coupit pre-sale is scheduled for the 12th of May, 2018.

So don’t delay get on the Coupit platform and register now!

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