30 April 2018

Aphelion – Desktop Wallet Review

Aphelion is one of those decentralised cryptocurrency exchange platforms that is powered by the Neo blockchain. This company only recently (actually on the 20th of April, 2018) launched the beta release for its desktop wallet known as version v1.1.6. This wallet is made available for use on Windows and Linux operating systems. It was designed to support several Ledger devices although the Ledger has been disabled for users of Mac driven desktops.

This was done as a result of a foreseen issue which will be rectified in subsequent versions of the wallet. It is also compatible with NEP5 based tokens including NEO, APH and GAS. This wallet solution is actually the basis for the release of DEX a P2P cryptocurrency trading platform that will enable cryptocurrency traders to get first-hand experience of the benefits to be derived from peer-to-peer trading on a global scale.

The whole idea behind the wallet solutions by Aphelion is to ensure that traders in cryptocurrency can transact business in a decentralized setting using a highly interactive and user-friendly interface. The Neo wallet comes with real-time trading chart data as well as a Nep5 token integration and an address book that can be easily customised. Updated versions of this Neo wallet will also incorporate the highly advanced Decentralised Exchange Asset Ledger (D.E.A.L) technology which will permit wallet-based cryptocurrency trading as well as P2P smart contracts.

The internal currency of this decentralized application (dAp) are the APH tokens. If you are a user of the Aphelion platform or a would-be investor to the platform the APH tokens will be redistributed to holders of this internal currency whenever they are spent during peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading. This can be likened to the relationship between NEO and GAS.

As Aphelion is not a centralised platform it will not store up tokens or have them held for any reason. It is a community inspired dApp with every trade in cryptocurrency taking place between two or more users on-chain (that is within the Aphelion network) or cross-chain (that is between users from different blockchain networks).

Features Of Aphelion NEO Wallet Version v1.1.6

Some of the key features of this newly released wallet by Aphelion include:

  • A complete integration with every one of the NEP5 based tokens.

This wallet allows for the integration of NEO, GAS and APH which is the internal currency of Aphelion.

  • Access to trade chart data in real-time.

You can check your current trade chart data with the use of the wallet once you have downloaded it on your preferred desktop (Windows or Linux).

  • An address book that is customizable.

It acts as an organizer ensuring full integration of your family, friends, colleagues and associates address and other personal details. You can also customise the address book to suit your peculiar preference.

  • Access to market performance with adjustable views.

The cryptocurrency market is a dynamic one. With this wallet you can study the generic performance in the market as well as yours and it allows you to have a variety of different views as well.

  • There is Ledger integration for both Windows and Linux operating system desktops.

As mentioned earlier, the Ledger integration is designed for desktops using either Linux or Windows operating systems. However, Ledger integration for Mac driven desktops will be allowed in subsequent versions of the wallet.

  • The wallet allows users to receive and send QR codes.

This can be done by users on the downloaded wallet and with limitless ease.

Aphelion wallet version v1.1.6 can be downloaded from the Github page on its website as seen in the Screenshot below.


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