01 May 2018

NewEconoLabs – NEL Light Wallet And Blockchain Explorer Review!

NewEconoLabs – NEL Light Wallet And Blockchain Explorer Review!

NEL Light Wallet And Blockchain Explorer Review

Ever since their official launch on the 9th of November, 2017 – NewEconoLabs (NEL) has been making giant strides in the NEO ecosystem. This company founded by Liu Yongxin (formerly worked as a Product Manager at Lawchain) and Li Jianying (he’s a NEO core developer) was established as a community of top notch software developers.

Their primary focus is to provide an open source community where talented individuals with a common goal can join in and help develop groundbreaking products. In the hope that these innovative products will lead to the speedy growth and development of the NEO ecosystem.

As part of their drive to develop inspiring products they have just recently launched a new blockchain explorer app as well as a light wallet. The launch was made known via an April 22nd tweet from the company. In the tweet NEL also stated that in the foreseeable future it’s Light Wallet will integrate the NEO Name Service (NNS).


Blockchain Explorer By NEL

With the blockchain explorer  by NEL you will be able to:

  • Obtain vital information on the newest block.
  • Get to know the total transactions on each block.
  • Obtain details for the number of wallet addresses that are available on the NEO blockchain.
  • Users also have access to a variety of information such as the block size which is in bytes and its height.
  • The date, time and number of times the block is created is also available. You can equally have access to the intricate details on every transaction as seen in the Screenshot below.

Blockchain Explorer

Transaction Identity (TXID) Information

There is even a TXID which will reveal every single information related to a respective transaction. By clicking on the TXID you will have access to details such as;

  • The type of transaction including claim, contract, miner and invocation.
  • The system as well as network fee that is paid using GAS.
  • Clicking on the TXID will also unveil the blockindex, size and the time of creation.
  • You get to see the input as well as output addresses when you click on the TXID.


Language Setting 

You can access the blockchain explorer on the TestNet and NEO MainNet. The user-friendly interface of the blockchain explorer allows users to make use of the platform in both English and Mandarin (Chinese language). On the platform you will see a dropdown menu located at the top and bottom of the page. With the dropdown menu you can easily change the setting to your preferred language.

Quick Link Up With Light Wallet

Users of the blockchain explorer can easily link up to NEL’s Light Wfallet due to the variety of links available. As you connect to Light Wallet you can create a new wallet address. All you need to do is create a Username, input a preferred User Password and obtain a Private Key. With the User Password and Private Key you can Login to the user interface of Light Wallet.


NewEconoLabs Light Wallet allows you to:

  • Store NEO to other locations on the NEO blockchain community.
  • Send NEO to other addresses also on the NEO blockchain.
  • Receive NEO from other known locations/addresses on the NEO blockchain.


It is a wise decision to hold your NEO using the Light Wallet rather than leaving your cryptocurrency in an exchange. Your NEO will be kept in a safe and secure environment and away from the prying eyes of cyber criminals since an exchange is more susceptible to a compromise.


Login Is Easy

To Login to the Light Wallet is quite easy. All you need to do is to upload the generated Private Keystore file obtained during your registration with the platform and then input your user password.

Login to the Light Wallet

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