01 May 2018

Downloading And Installing The New Neon Wallet v0.2.4 By City Of Zion

On April 30, 2018 City of Zion (CoZ) released its latest version in its Neon Wallet series. This version is known as the Neon Wallet v0.2.4 and it is compatible with desktop computers using Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. If you want to download this new Neon Wallet version you can do so now by clicking on this link.

Once you are on this site you can download Neon Wallet v0.2.4 on your preferred desktop computer/operating system. To ensure that you download and install this wallet correctly, check out the step-by-step download and installation instruction below.


Step By Step Download And Installation Instruction

Downloading v0.2.4
  1. The first thing you want to do is visit Github to get access to this neon wallet. There are several download files available. You will be required to click on that Neon Wallet v0.2.4 download file that suits your current desktop operating system.
  2. You can download this latest version of Neon Wallet on Windows, Linux or Mac desktop computer operating systems.
  3. After clicking on your preferred download file, it takes only a few seconds for the file to be downloaded to the ‘Download Folder’ of the ‘C drive’ of your personal computer.
  4. Go to this file and ‘Double Click’ to execute.
  5. Once you execute the file, you may have a ‘proceed with caution’ window pop up. If you are using Windows operating system you will get a pop up window similar to the one below. This pop up window is a precaution by Windows as it attempts to protect your PC from Malware, Virus or Worm attack.

Downloading v0.2.4

  1. Click on the ‘Run Anyway’ button to ignore the pop up window and launch the file.
  2. If you have never opened a Neon Wallet before, you can click on the ‘Create a new wallet’ option to get a Neon Wallet.
  3. You will see a portion where you will be required to enter a ‘Passphrase’ ensure that you use a strong passphrase/password. Once you are done click on the ‘Generate Keys’ icon to earn a ‘Private Key’.

Create a new NEO wallet


Neon Wallet v0.2.4 Login

  1. A ‘Private Key’ will be generated. You can either print this key or save it on your PC for offline access so you don’t forget it in the future. This ‘Private Key’ can be used to recover your funds if you cannot remember your passphrase. Along with your passphrase, the ‘Private Key’ will be used to login to your Neon Wallet.

Login-Using-a-Saved-Wallet Option

  1. Just click on the ‘Login using a saved wallet’ preferred option and you will be able to gain access to your Neon Wallet.

Login-Using-a-Saved-Wallet Option

  1. You will see a drop-down option and you will be required to select your saved wallet from there. Once you enter your passphrase and click on the login button, you will be taken to your Neon Wallet.
  2. Finally, you can now have access to your NEO and GAS holding. Along with your NEO address and even the USD valuation of your Neon Wallet. This new release Neon Wallet comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to perform several activities in a simplistic DIY manner.

NEO and GAS holding

Neon Wallet v0.2.4 Updates And Bug Fix

The Neon Wallet v0.2.4 is a modification of previous versions. There are quite a few updates made to this version and those bugs experienced by users of older versions will be happy to learn that they have been rectified with this latest release.
The updates are as follows:

  • Previous security vulnerabilities have been rectified with this updated electron version. These include – (CVE-2018-1000118 – command injection vulnerability) and (CVE-2018-1000136 – improper handling of values vulnerability).
  • The GAS claims have been updated. They now use neoscan rather than neon-wallet-db thereby boosting the rate of success.
  • NEOverse has been excluded from the list of block explorers.
  • For users of the Windows version a ‘F12 hotkey’ has been included to enable them gain access to the development console.
  • Scripthash has been included for EFX (Effect.Al).

The ‘Bug Fixes’ include the following:

  • The claim that the GAS button tends to be stuck on zero has been fixed and resolved.
  • Also the claim of GAS failures with regards to the Ledger has also been rectified.

Hopefully with the Neon Wallet v0.2.4 users can have the best possible Neon Wallet experience in today’s cryptocurrency market.

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