01 May 2018

How Concierge Is Decentralizing Travel Booking

Concierge An MVP Alpha Platform That Allows You Make Hotel Reservations


Concierge is a MVP Alpha Platform that allows you make hotel reservations using CGE cryptocurrency. This is a decentralized travel booking marketplace where you can explore the various hotel reservation options available in real-time and make arrangements to reserve a room at a hotel of your choice.

If you are traveling to Vietnam this platform is a viable resource for deciding on which hotel reservation would be ideal for you and your family. You get to decide on which hotel to go to based on their location, your individual preference, price and availability with the help of Concierge.

While the hotels available on this platform are all in Vietnam. Concierge is also currently working on other hotel reservation options on a global scale. They intend releasing information on these other hotel reservation booking options in due course.



You can join this simple MVP Alpha Platform by registering on the website. Click on the ‘Register’ button and you will be presented with a menu where you will be required to enter your First Name, Last Name and Email. You will also be expected to ‘Create Password’ as well as ‘Confirm Password’.

Once you are through filling your personal information as well as the T&C and reCAPTCHA portion, you can click on the ‘Register ’ button. As soon as you click on the register button you will need to check your email for an ‘email confirmation message’. Click on the link provided and you will be taken back to the Concierge browser where you can login to the site and proceed with your hotel reservation activity by booking a room at a preferred hotel.


Detailed Info On Available Hotels

Concierge allows you to make an informed decision on your choice of hotel in Vietnam. Each available hotel has a rating by way of stars, a five star rating for a hotel is always a good thing. Before you decide on which hotel reservation to make always check out their Facility, Room Description and Information.

You can also view images and make your booking from a menu where you can enter your Check-in and Check-out dates as well as view both the USD amount per night and the corresponding CGE value.

Concierge Token Sale Update

Concierge had a token sale that was took place between March 31 and April 21, 2018. However, an update to its token sale was posted by the company recently. This update included the rectification of the company’s CGE token distribution. They decided to merge their token sale with their whitepaper token distribution model.  

The Concierge token sale netted 61,571,086 CGE tokens and they also had a total of 34,363 NEO. The company had previously announced that the tokens will be distributed in the following ways;

  • To the Public – 40,021,205.9 CGE.
  • Towards Future Development – 12,314,217.2 CGE.
  • For Team & Advisors – 9,235,662.9 CGE

However, as part of its token update Concierge redistributed the tokens previously allocated for both Future Development and Team & Advisors (a combined total of 13,450,119.9 CGE) to the Public. Concierge announced that the tokens will be distributed in due time and that the Concierge community will be allowed to vote on how the tokens will be spent towards the growth and development of the Concierge ecosystem.

On the Concierge ecosystem these tokens can potentially be used on the following;

  • For developing rewards for users of this platform.
  • For Airdrops.
  • For CGE Merchandise.
  • For competitions within the community.
  • For discounts on all CGE payment lists.

With the help of the NEO blockchain and engine, Concierge is currently building a unique online booking marketplace. This platform will offer time and cost saving travel solutions to users with the CGE booking ledger being the main feature of the Concierge ecosystem. As a merchant or prospective traveller you can deal directly with hotels on the platform without any commission payment required.

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