02 May 2018

A Review Of The First Quarter Activities Of O3


O3 Labs- “Your Mobile Gateway to the NEO Smart Economy”

 O3 Labs

Staying true to its catchy slogan above, O3 Labs has indeed provided a gateway for users to have unlimited access to the NEO blockchain. By using your iOS or Android mobile device, you can comfortably and efficiently gain control of all your digital assets. O3 Labs allow you to manage your digital assets from anywhere and at anytime of the day.

You will also do this under a safe and secure platform provided by them. The O3 cryptocurrency light wallet seems destined to claim a big spot in the blockchain revolution and put you in charge of your financial future.


The O3 Wallet 

The O3 Wallet is believed to be the most flexible and efficient mobile wallet for NEO. It is the largest mobile app that uses the NEO blockchain network. O3 Wallet has captured a very large number of users from around the world. If you don’t have this mobile app already, you can download one now on O3.


First Quarter In Review

It is because of their emergence as a key player in the world of mobile cryptocurrency light wallet technology that anything they do should be taken very seriously by both users and observers. So their 2018 first quarter review couldn’t have come any sooner.

Here are some snip-bits from the O3 Labs first quarter review.


In The Sleepy Month Of January

While a lot of companies were still smarting from the Christmas and New year holidays hangover. O3 Labs was able to raise funds from the NEO council. The funds were used to support their work including the research and development of new products and services. They were also able to officially release the O3 Android app which supports GAS and NEO. In this month O3 Labs actively participated as speakers in the maiden edition of the NEO DevCon. They were also accepted into the prestigious Tech Lab Paak which is owned by one of the biggest conglomerates in Japan – Recruit Holdings.

Apisit Toompakdee

(In the picture above you can see Apisit Toompakdee the Cofounder of O3 Labs speaking at the inaugural DevCon event.)

Activity Picks Up In February

In the month of February O3 Labs were able to relaunch O3 for iOS devices. They were able to do so with the support of the core NEO team and the City of Zion Council. It was in this month that O3 Labs achieved a milestone by becoming the first and only NEP-5 Wallet available on mobile.

This feat was achieved as a direct result of the company officially supporting NEP-5 tokens in iOS and Android apps. O3 Labs launched public nodes in February and for the NEO blockchain community in Japan. The company also experienced a tremendous growth in the number of its users moving from having no user to securing tens of thousands in a short space of time.

Marching Forward In March

By March the company organized several workshops and two-way interactive presentations in Taiwan, Korea and Japan. They focused on the NEO blockchain and ecosystem as their primary topic of discuss. O3 Labs also reached out and entered into a partnership with NEL which is China’s biggest developer group. As part of the terms of the partnership, O3 Labs will be the first to support NEO Name Service.

In their drive to educate users and would-be users of their mobile app. O3 created a NEO community based forum designed to provide technical discussions as well as support questions of participants on the forum. The month of March also saw O3 round – up the NEP-9 URI standard for NEO. This will ensure that clients can easily interact within the NEO blockchain.

O3 also gave an insight into their activities in the month of April as well. This new company finally made its first string of revenues and is staying on the right track towards breaking even. They also came third in the Microsoft Developer Competition with their Blockchain Loyalty Program pushed by Apisit gaining the 3rd place prize.

What Does The Future Hold For O3?

The O3 Wallet has now been rebranded to simply O3. O3 is more than just a wallet as they are constantly researching into new ways to improve the quality of life of their users. There is going to be more focus on UX and design by this company. They also announced their newest product – Token Sales on O3. O3 tokens will be easy to purchase and will operate in a decentralized way. The company do not intend to keep hold of user funds and they will provide the gateway for all users to interact directly with NEO blockchain in order to pick up their O3 tokens.


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