03 May 2018

Qlink Launches The NEO Blockchain Powered WinQ dApp On Google Play

Qlink is a decentralized mobile network and indeed the first ever in existence. Its main corporate objective is to provide and promote an open-ended telecommunication infrastructure on the blockchain community. In furtherance of its key mission, Qlink has stepped up its R&D efforts and as a reward for its hard work it has now launched a truly revolutionary product named as the WinQ dApp.

The WinQ dApp is a major milestone product developed by Qlink. What makes it so special is the fact that it is the first ever dApp on the NEO blockchain to be made available on Google Play. This amazing feat was made possible by Qlink’s vibrant research and development (R&D) team as well as the Beta testers actively involved in this groundbreaking project.


WinQ dApp Is Now On Mainnet

Before late April, 2018 WinQ dApp was only available on NEO TESTNET. Prior to this time users could get only Testnet QLC earnings and any transfer of the QLC from testnet to mainnet was bound to lead to a complete loss of earnings. Qlink would also be free from any form of liability if this loss ever occurs.

However, with WinQ dApp now available on mainnet as well, any testnet QLC earnings can be transformed to a real QLC. Now you shouldn’t be too bothered about your testnet QLC earnings as it is also obtainable on the MAINNET. One other good news is that registration is absolutely free from any hidden charges and fees. While there is no cost of registration, whatever you earn is believed to be completely yours with no strings attached.

It is interesting to note that the idea and concept behind WinQ dApp all began in Github. In the last three months WinQ dApp was upgraded a total of 12 times before it was eventually decided that it was ready for its debut on Google Play. While on Google Play users of an Android device such as a smartphone or tablet can have access to the dApp. WinQ dApp can be downloaded using your preferred Android powered mobile device as well.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) transmission will be made possible with the availability of blockchain network assets, VPN registration and WiFi. Your WinQ wallet on this platform acts as a real lifesaver and it will allow for the immediate receiving and sending of QLC earnings. The WinQ wallet can also have QLC earnings transferred. With this wallet you can easily top-up your QLC with NEO cryptocurrencies.

The WinQ List

One major feature of this dApp (Crypto Monopoly) is that it allows users to transfer the ownership of their network asset. You can pay a premium and then claim ownership of another user’s network asset. A user’s asset is provided on the WinQ list and can be claimed by other users. This will happen when a user is able to pay the exact QLC earnings owned by the current owner of the asset. Through this game feature owners of network assets can also have the opportunity to secure future sharing earnings with ease.

What Are The Rules?

  • Every user will have a single WinQ wallet which will be ratified for QLC conversion rewards.
  • Each user of the WinQ wallet has a ceiling to the tune of 300 QLC.
  • As soon as WinQ dApp is launched on Google Play, 200 WinQ users will have the chance to share in the QLC conversion. These 200 WinQ users are actually the first 200 users of the dApp.


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