03 May 2018

The Neon Exchange (NEX) Extension 0.1.13 Officially Released

The primary goal of Neon exchange or NEX has always been to provide a decentralised exchange that will identify and utilise only those high performance parameters of traditional centralized exchanges with the better security properties and trust of more conventional decentralized exchanges. NEX comprises of three basic components and these include;

  • A smart contract in which all trades are implemented
  • An off-chain matching engine which enables NEX to tap into the benefits of centralized exchanges.
  • A flexible payment service that allows for international assets like GAS and NEO to be transformed into tokens. These tokens are compatible with the Neon exchange because through smart contracts they can be directly transferred.

Improved User Interaction With NEX Extension

For improved user interaction within any dApp ecosystem there must be an avenue for proper exchange. Neon exchange becomes absolutely key in the following circumstances;

  • When users intend using blockchain assets to make payments on a commodity website.
  • If users intend converting these assets when the need arises especially if it is done to satisfy the peculiar needs of a particular service.
  • Where users intend using assets from a different blockchain to interact with small contracts on another blockchain.

With the NEX extension these user interactions amongst others are absolutely possible to achieve. NEX extension is actually the first ever browser extension capable of managing assets spread over different blockchains. It ensures that through a steady API, web dApps can properly interact with assets.


NEX Extension Improves Asset Management

Neon exchange helps users have better control of their assets. It does this by providing a cryptocurrency wallet equipped with interesting features such as;

  • Asset balance checking capabilities.
  • Ability to view your full transaction history.
  • Asset receiving and sending capabilities.
  • This cryptocurrency wallet supports NEP5, NEO, ERC20 and ETH tokens with more to follow.
  • With the NEX extension balances between different cryptocurrencies can be converted.
  • Users can also observe current trades within the NEX platform.
  • With the NEX extension users can buy cryptocurrencies from affiliate banks using different national currencies such as USD, Euro or British pounds Sterling.
  • The asset management software provided by the NEX extension can be used to interact with the webpages of a user’s browser.


API – For A Seamless Interaction Between Decentralised Websites And Users

The NEX extension ensures that users can interact smoothly with decentralised websites using APIs. A couple of APIs include:

User Private Information – The NEX extension will give websites an opportunity to retrieve and populate user private details into one page. Information such as user’s contact address or their NEO address can be easily obtained. However, a user must have given permission to a domain before it can have access to their private information.

API allows websites to initiate transactions – With the API calls to the NEX extension there will be a new extension window which will be pre-filled with accurate transaction details. This works fine for websites designed for online shopping where users can make one-click buys once the transaction is validated and approved by the user.


NEX Extension 0.1.13

With the newly released NEX extension 0.1.13 you have the following upgrade to earlier released versions:

  • There is an added flexible and dynamic token list which can be updated on the fly to allow for the immediate availability for fresh tokens.
  • There is a schema validation included to support network replies.
  • A number of bug claims have been fixed and the overall performance of the NEX extension has been significantly improved.

There is an automatic update available for those users that have already installed earlier versions of NEX extension.

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