03 May 2018

The Smart Economy Expo is ‘LIVE’ now!

The Smart Economy Expo is ‘LIVE’ now!

Smart Economy Expo is now underway (May 2nd – May 4th)

The Smart Economy Expo is well underway and we have the first sneak peek for you. The event is taken place right now in Brussels at the European Parlement. The Smart Economy Expo started on Wednesday, May 2nd and will be ongoing until tomorrow Friday, May 5th.

As we reported in our article on April 24th, the ‘Smart Economy Expo 2018’ is the first event of its kind launched by smarteconomyexpo.org.


Smart Economy Expo 2018

Smart Economy Expo 2018

(Source NEO)

The main objective of the ‘Smart Economy Expo’ is to educate lawmakers 

The main objective is to educate lawmakers about Blockchain technology. Many regulators could benefit from a deeper understanding of the technical capabilities ‘Blockchain Technolgy’ has to offer. The idea is to create a road tour across the globe. This expo and event tour is specially catered, towards inviting lawmakers and regulators to learn about blockchain. The Smart Economy Expo organization hopes that innovation-friendly laws can take shape by 2020.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain world can be quite confusing. While many of us have started this journey by learning about Bitcoin, we all have come to understand that Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg. Blockchain technology is not just about a currency or store of value.

It’s about the transformation of burdensome, unproductive and often times, unsafe systems throughout our entire society. At the same time, it’s also about adding transparency and security across borders in our interconnected world.

The implications of  Blockchain Technology are so far-reaching that it is truly revolutionary. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and this is why the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain space will benefit from lawmakers being properly educated.

The Smart Economy is now sitting at the crossroads of its future, and while sound regulation is required for it to thrive, over-regulation could smother and kill it.

Driving forces behind the Smart Economy Expo & Regulatory concerns

The ‘Smart Economy Expo’ is an initiative that was initially created by the City of Zion and NEX. However, it will function as a standalone organization going forward with a clear mission to educate the regulator.

Regulatory bodies have indicated concern about the wild gyrations that can be observed in cryptocurrency markets in general and have tried ‘to see the forest through the trees’. With so many new crypto tokens and projects being launched every day, it can be hard to assess which ones are building legitimate and amazing technologies and businesses, and which ones are outright scams.

At the ‘Smart Economy Expo’ event:

So far we are aware of presentations or panels consisting of Da Hongfei (Founder of NEO), Fabio C. Canesin, (Co-founder and developer at NEX) and some others.

Alongside presentations form NEX and City of Zion, other ecosystem partners, like NEO, Moonlight, and Ontology will also be taking the stage.

Smart Economy Expo 2018

Smart Economy Expo 2018

Speaking for NEO, Da Hongfei specifically tackled the topic of innovation and compliance of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

Da Hongfei is a real thought leader when it comes to the ‘Smart Economy’. There are many interviews and recordings where he lays out his vision for a smart economy. A  smart economy that functions hand in hand with the appropriate regulation. He has been one of the stronger proponents of building decentralized open blockchain networks, that are ‘regulation-ready’. He sees, an ‘NEO Smart Economy’ that is based on a combination of decentralized and centralized systems, thus providing governments with oversight and control where needed.

Great to see that Da Hongfei received a positive reaction from European Parlement member for Lithuania Antanas Guoga, who explicitly endorses DLT aka Blockchain Technology.


Smart Economy Expo 2018

Smart Economy Expo 2018


So, today and tomorrow, the informative talks at the Expo will be ongoing.  Follow the news here at neonbeginner.com or check the twitter handles of participating speakers to get the latest info.

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