05 May 2018

Experience Peace of Mind with the Morpheus Universal Desktop Wallet

The First Universal Wallet

The first thing you need to know about Morpheus apart from its really cool name is that it is the very first universal wallet developed on the NEO blockchain. That’s right…the very first! This wallet supports popular cryptocurrencies or tokens like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), GAS, Litecoin (LTC), a variety of NEP5 tokens and the all too familiar NEO tokens. As a matter of fact, Morpheus has indeed shown it’s dynamism and flexibility in 2018 with QR20, ERC20 and QTUM tokens added to the already long list of supported cryptocurrencies.

The First Universal Wallet

A Simplistic And Easy To Use Wallet

This is a simplistic and easy to use the wallet for desktop application. Users of Morpheus wallet are given direct access to globally recognized and extremely influential blockchains. This wallet is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface. To set up a new address is easy and quick as well. Users can also transfer funds from other addresses to their new address on the wallet.


A Secure Wallet

With the Morpheus wallet, you can be assured that your digital assets are secure and safe. This is because Morpheus does not share passphrase or private key information, the system also does not have any access to your private key. Users will be given complete access and control of all their blockchain assets.

Amazing Features

Once you have set up your Morpheus Desktop Wallet on Windows or Mac desktop computers. You can have access to real-time price charts where you can note the current value of respective tokens. Users can quickly gain access to their asset balances as it is updated automatically and regularly. You can adequately build your cryptocurrency portfolio and engage in responsive asset management when you use our wallet. Once more Morpheus supports more than 24 cryptocurrencies and counting. If you have cryptocurrency or NEP 5 token that is not listed you can reach Morpheus support team here for assistance.


A Convenient Way To Manage Your Assets

Morpheus allows users to either receive or send tokens and cryptocurrencies such as GAS, NEO and more than 20 different NEP5 cryptocurrencies using the Morpheus wallet without any incurred fees or cost of the transaction (CoT). Morpheus keeps on adding more NEP based tokens once they are launched. You can equally send out or receive tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. All your preferred cryptocurrencies will be housed under a single wallet. As a registered user of the Morpheus wallet, you can set up fresh addresses that are specific to a token. For example, fresh addresses can be set up for LTC, BTC, and ETH.


A Downloadable Wallet

The Morpheus wallet can easily be downloaded to a PC. Your choice of the desktop has been taken into account with users of Windows and Mac systems just a click away from getting the wallet downloaded to their desktops. With newer versions of the wallet released like the Morpheus v0.0.56 you can easily upgrade your present wallet version regardless of the type of desktop (preferably Mac or PC) you are currently using. Newer version wallets can be downloaded from Neo.org, GitHub or directly from the Morpheus website.

Morpheus v0.0.56

With this new Morpheus wallet version, you have some modifications in place to enhance user experience. These modifications include fixes and newly added features, they include the following;

  • The ‘Tokens Sale’ drop-down menu has been removed.
  • You can now upload the NEO Encrypted keys using JSON file.
  • You have the Segwit Address set as the default address for Bitcoin Address.
  • You can now delete saved NEO addresses from Morpheus.
  • The sending Switcheo (SWH) bug claim has now been fixed.
  • NEO blockchain syncing has now been enhanced.
  • On the Asset Portfolio Page (APP) you can now view the NEP address which is accessed as a pop-up on the APP.
  • Users can now log in to Morpheus wallet through their Legacy Bitcoin Address.

Morpheus v0.0.56

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