05 May 2018

Hurry Up NEX Is Now Hiring!

Bringing Innovation to Blockchain

NEX is currently developing the first ever top performance, cross-chain decentralised exchange or DEX for short. The DEX currently being used has real deficiencies some of which include;

  • An inability to take care of very large order volumes, which in today’s world has become a necessity.
  • The current DEX is not dynamic enough and generally has very poor usability.
    Users cannot engage in the trade of national currencies with the current DEX.

While the issues highlighted are really a cause for concern, the newly developed off-chain DEX along with meaningful partnerships with global banking institutions will hopefully resolve the highlighted challenges faced by the current DEX in operation.

It must be said at this point that NEX has gained a reputation for their innovative products and services. They were one of the first blockchain technologies to have their token become a completely compliant and regulated European security.

The founder of NEX is also a founding member of the City of Zion (CoZ) which is reputed to be one of the biggest open source blockchain communities in existence today. The CoZ is responsible for the development of softwares that are now being used by a large number of people running into hundreds of thousands by the last count and also on a global scale.

The NEX team comprises of PhD holders from ETH Zurich in Switzerland and Stanford University in the United States of America. They also have alumni of YC as well as several top-notch, award winning software developers.

The NEX Technology Portfolio Consist Of…

  • Smart contracts using Ethereum as well as NEO.
  • React/ Redux plus ReasonML needed for components on the NEX frontend.

Job seekers should note that every vacant position is remote. In order for NEX to assess and reach out to candidates, applicants will have to fill out a Personal Details & Job Application Form.

This Personal Details & Job Application Form will consist private information on respective candidates. Check out the information you will need to provide on the form if you are interested in applying for vacant position.

Excerpts From The Personal Details & Job Application Form

Applicants should note that the form has “Required Field (*)” information. In the “Required Field (*)” section, they will be required to provide accurate information towards the filling of the respective sections on the form.

The “Required Field (*)” portions of the form comprise of;

  • Applicants Email address.
  • Candidates Full Name.
  • Information on the github handle of applicants.
  • Submission of a detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Applicants will be required to state the position that they are applying for.

The positions currently vacant include:

  1. Application for the post of Junior Frontend Developer for NEX React/ Redux/ Reason.
  2. Position as a Senior Frontend Developer for React/ Redux/ Reason.
  3. Application for the position of Blockchain Engineer. This position entails the development of smart contracts as well as other software that are interactive and compatible with blockchains.
  4. Application for the position of Research Engineer. Here the successful candidate will be required to build innovative and usable projects on blockchains as well as on other related technologies.
  • Applicants will need to write out one or two sentences to show that they are the right candidate for the position they have applied for.

Job Application Form

There are two portions on the form that are not mandatory to fill. These include;

  • A portion requiring the LinkedIn profile of applicants.
  • Another portion where applicants will be required to give a brief description of something that they have personally built and that they are proud of.

Once applicants are done filling out the Personal Details & Job Application Form, they can click the “Submit” button to successfully submit their application. If an application does not successfully submit, it could be as a result of an incomplete “Required Field (*)” portion. Applicants will need to check the form once more and fill out any portion stated as “Required Field (*)” before clicking on the “Submit” button once more.

Beware Of Fake Versions Of NEX Extension

One more thing, it has been brought to the notice of NEX team members that there are fake versions of the NEX extension. You should note that the genuine NEX extension is written as “offered by neonexchange.org”.

So make sure that before downloading the NEX extension it comes in the format above. It would also be greatly appreciated if you report any fake version that is out there to the NEX team.

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