05 May 2018

NEO Council Monthly Report

The NEO Council Releases Its Monthly Report For The Month Of April

NEO Monthly Report

The monthly report by the NEO Council consists of all its activities during a particular month and this includes any recent news item, organized event or participation and any developments within the month in review. The NEO Council recently released its monthly report for the month of April. The released monthly report highlighted all the developments in the month of April. This also included the events organized and attended.

All significant modifications to the documentation by NEO were also included in the April report. Other information provided includes a progress report on the decentralization process as well as updates on adopted processes and recent developments. Information on the refunds under the NEO Sponsor Giveback Program was also stated in the monthly report.

The NEO Sponsor Giveback Program

In the recently released NEO Council April report, it was stated that a total of ¥15,546,944 had been refunded to 558 contributors to the Antshares ICO 1 as well as ICO 2 program. The refund represents 52.45% of all the contributions towards the Antshare ICO 1 and ICO 2 program. The NEO Sponsor Giveback Program has also been extended by NEO to the 31st of May, 2018. This gives those early-bird contributors to the project sufficient time to claim their desired rewards.


The NEO Council April report also indicated that NEO had begun the processing of those ICO 2 token claims of users that failed to claim their respective ICO 2 tokens in a year. The report also provided an update on how users wishing to claim their ICO 2 tokens can go about it. Users can also request for assistance by sending an email for such to: chenzhitong@neo.org. When they send an assistance request email to the email address provided, they will be informed on how they can claim their ICO 2 tokens.


Decentralised Application Competition

NEO had its first decentralized application or dApp competition which began in the first quarter of the year. By April 4th the NEO Council had announced the winners of the competition that was jointly organized by OS software giants – Microsoft. The competition recorded a total number of entries reaching a high of 500 with 16 teams selected as winners of the competition.

These winning teams partook in the sharing of prizes worth about $490,000. The winners of the first ever NEO dApp competition were also provided with open source smart contracts. It is the hope of the NEO Council that its dApp competition will encourage other developers to be brave and determined enough to come up with innovative ideas.

On The Issue Of Decentralization

NEO had stated in its April report that Fenbushi Capital had implemented their consensus node to TestNet. These nodes that are operational on TestNet are under the management of NEO Foundation, KPN, City of Zion (CoZ) and Fenbushi Capital. It was also stated in the April report that the network will soon be subjected to stress-test by NEO.

A portal that allows interested persons wishing to run consensus nodes is also currently being built by NEO. Interested persons can submit their applications for the consensus nodes. NEO is also developing a website which will showcase the details of every nominee. The website will enable holders of NEO tokens to vote for a nominee of their choice after careful thought and analysis of the information on the nominee. According to the report, the NEO-GUI will undergo an upgrade in order to accommodate voting functions.


Modification Of The NEO Document Repository

People can easily retrieve information from the NEO document repository as according to the NEO Council April report it has been modified for easier information access. There is a menu structure that has been modified as well with new pages included. The community has also been encouraged by NEO to conduct a thorough review of all the translated versions of the documents in order to confirm that the translation of the documents are accurate.

Events Attended In the Month Of April

On a final note, the NEO Council April report stated those events in which it’s team members have actively participated in. The report also stated the highlights of the events attended, one of which is the NEO Europe Tour where members of the NEO team visited famous cities in Europe including Paris, Lisbon, Zurich, Amsterdam, and Vienna.

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