05 May 2018

Ontology – London Meetup, May 17th & Huobi Talk With Li Jun On May 10th!

Ontology, announced on Twitter, that we are all invited to join them in the following Ontology related events.

Huobi Live Streaming Event With Ontology Founder Jun Li

First off, Ontology’s Founder Jun Li will be joining a ‘Huobi talk’, hosted by angel investor and President of Digital Capital Partners, Dennis Jacobs. This live streaming event will take place on May 10th, 12 PM (GMT+8), 2018.

‘Huobi Talk’, is a talk show on youtube which aims to present its viewers with the latest insights in the blockchain space. Around fifteen thousand subscribers will be notified about the upcoming talk with Jun Li, and you are also invited to join the live stream directly or watch the recorded version at a later time.

Both crypto savvy gentlemen will discuss Ontology around the topic ‘Building Trust on Blockchain’.

The following link will lead you straight to the live event location.

Link:  Stay tuned for Huobi Talk Ep 30 featuring Ontology on 10 May, 12 pm (GMT +8) – YouTube



Ontology London Event on May 17th

Ontology is holding its first-ever meetup event in London, Thursday, May 17th. The London meetup is scheduled to start at 18:30 PM London time and will last until 21:00 PM. This short encounter is a perfect opportunity to mingle with like-minded spirits and get to know those around you that are genuinely excited about blockchain, and Ontology in particular.

Ontology London Meetup

Ontology London Meetup

Founder Li Jun will be speaking about the Ontology ecosystem from a technical standpoint. After the presentation, there will be a formal Q&A session for all of your questions, followed by a networking session.

  • The event will take place at the following location;

Tech City College
263-269 City Road
EC1V 1JX London
United Kingdom

  • For your reservation please follow the link here

So, there you go! Two great little bits of information coming from the Ontology camp and a superb opportunity to learn more.


Ontology – ‘Firing on all cylinders’

Ontology (ONT) is firing on all cylinders lately. It was only yesterday when we learned about its major strategic partnership with NAGA which we discussed here on Neonbeginner.com for you.

This long-term partnership is poised to be beneficial for both parties. With Naga, Ontology finds a capable partner with deep-knowledge and experience in the European fin-tech sector.

Importantly, Naga (NAGA AG Group) owns a Eu-brokerage license. This opens up a wide range of interesting possibilities, as Ontology continues to develop their technology and ONT ID system.

As you might know, Ontology wants to break down the barriers that withhold governments and large enterprises from opening up their vast databases. It intends to do this by creating the infrastructure and protocols that allow for multi-chain interoperability in between private and public blockchains.

Ontology believes, that by combining this multi-chain distributed network capability with a ‘Unique Blockchain Identifier’ (ONT ID) for all actors on the blockchain, it will have created a unique ‘Trust Network’.

Simplified, this means that all things, individuals, governments, companies, etc.. could all be ‘unquestionably’ identifiable and ‘exist’ on the blockchain. This potential newly found trust in ‘online’ identities would be one of the most important ‘accelerators’ for blockchain integration in our society.

It seems the market is also slowly waking up to the enormous potential the ‘Ontology Vision’ has to offer. Just look at the performance of the ONT token over the last couple of months on this ‘Coinmarketcap’ price chart.

Ontology Coinmarketcap

Ontology Coinmarketcap


Be sure to learn more about the Ontology project at Ont.io or follow the news here with us at Neonbeginner.com.

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