06 May 2018

Trinity Announces A Major Strategic Partnership With Decentraland!

The Trinity Protocol is announcing a strategic collaboration agreement with Decentraland (MANA). The partnership entails that game applications on the Decentraland ‘Virtual Reality Platform’ will be able to integrate the Trinity ‘State Channels’ protocol.

Trinity Protocol and Decentraland strategic partnership

Trinity Protocol and Decentraland strategic partnership

What problem does this partnership solve?

Decentraland enables its users to purchase land and create a virtual reality world on the Etherium blockchain. This allows users to hold an irrefutable title of ownership of the virtual world assets they created or purchased, and monetize it in any way, shape or form.

It was only a couple of months ago when the ‘crypto kitties’ craze was raging on. This game application, singlehandedly congested Etheriums blockchain network. This was a stark reminder that there is a market for these virtual assets or non-fungible tokens (NFT) as they are also referred to.

The other key takeaway was that current transaction throughput is insufficient to support any real-world usage of the public blockchain. It clearly showed to the world, that beyond the hype, the scalability problem was real.

It makes sense for Decentraland to try and upgrade the capabilities of its virtual world. This upgrade will bolster a new wave of exciting virtual games being developed and introduced onto its platform.

The Trinity Off-chain scaling solution!

The Trinity Protocol is designed to solve the scalability problem and uses state channel technology to address this. State channel technology basically makes it possible to process the bulk of the smart contract transactions off-chain on a private server, between consenting parties. Only the final state or end balance is then recorded on the public blockchain.

This makes a lot of sense if you consider the cost of on-chain transactions. Remember that games are essentially a continuous series of programmed actions and interactions which are recorded.

In order to support complex gaming on the blockchain, you need high-speed and low-cost transactions. The Trinity solution should provide both, without losing the decentralization and security assurances the Etherium public blockchain offers.

The importance of this cooperation for the Trinity Protocol

This cooperation puts Trinity on schedule with its plans to target the gaming market. Trinity Founder David Yiling Li had mentioned in previous statements, that the Trinity team was eyeing the gaming industry.  It envisions this industry to be one of the first real use cases for its state channel based technology. The existing high demand for fast and cheap transactions in the gaming market is providing Trinity with the ultimate real-world incentive to evolve its transaction throughput capacity at a fast pace.

Ethermon and Hyperdragons are also onboard

In two subsequent statements, Trinity also announced a strategic partnership with Ethermon and Hyperdragons. Both games are currently also integrated on the Decentraland platform and will use the Trinity state channel solution.

Ethermon, for example, is like the ‘Pokemon’ of the Blockchain:

Etheremon Decentralized World of Ether Monsters

Etheremon Decentralized World of Ether Monsters

All mentioned partnerships, furthermore promise to deliver cooperation on a number of other business development fronts, like brand promotion, R&D, and overall promotion of the blockchain gaming industry.

Trinity’s Future 

With the signing of these collaboration agreements, Trinity makes a huge leap forward, as it will be able to deliver proof of the viability of its computing solution. In the current ‘crypto world of market caps,’ it is often forgotten that ‘usage’ of a protocol is as important as the technology itself.

Theoretically creating a protocol is one thing, deploying it in the real world is another. Governments and large enterprises will want proof that the technology can perform adhering to the highest standards. Tackling the gaming industry first is a really smart way to test the theory while building the know-how over time.

I could not help but notice that Trinity quietly announced that it will not solely focus on becoming the scalability solution for the NEO blockchain. In the past, David Yiling Li stated, that Trinity would not focus on being the off-chain solution for other blockchains. This is definitely an interesting development that requires further investigation in order to understand its full meaning.

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