07 May 2018

An Update From The Bridge Protocol Community


The Bridge Protocol Community is fast becoming the “best identity management platform” available on NEO blockchain. They have gradually built their reputation from the vast volume of meaningful contributions that their members have made to the growth and development of the NEO ecosystem.

This is made possible because of the high quality of their contributing members. It is the commitment of the community to bring the best-of-the-best developers to its fold. Individuals that will add value to Bridge Protocol Community and further improve the impact of the community to the development of NEO.

That is why it comes as no surprise when the community recently welcomed a Thomas Lobker a renowned first generation CoZ member as a Blockchain Engineer in the community. The Bridge Protocol Community will be hoping that Thomas Lobker takes them a step closer to fulfilling their mission of becoming the “best identity management platform” available on NEO blockchain.


The Mystic Behind Thomas Lobker

Thomas Lobker was born in the mid-80s and his passion for computers began what he was just 6 years old. He recalls the time his parents bought an IBM computer having an Intel 8086 processor. Even back then Thomas was less concerned about playing video games on the computer, rather he was more interested in knowing how it worked. When kids his age were busy playing video games, Thomas Lobker was building video games using Turbo Basic at the time.

In recent history he has been busy developing platforms primarily on open-source software for several operators in the telecom industry. He was driven by a burning desire to provide platforms that offer high performance while being very secure. Thomas is a specialist in Linux and he is at home with the various databases, network protocols, Kamailio and scripting languages available on the system.

He was one of the first generation members of the City of Zion and he is a past winner of the NEO dApp competition. Thomas Lobker would always be the first to profess his love of the NEO platform. It is this passion that drives him to build great platforms and a major reason why Bridge Protocol Community is such an ideal place for him to thrive.

Thomas is also a regular contributor to the NEO community and can quite often be seen making valuable contributions on the Discord channel. By joining the Bridge Protocol Community as a Blockchain Engineer it is believed that Thomas will make valuable contributions that will lead to the progress of the community’s exquisite identity management solution.


Update On Switcheo Listing

 The Bridge Protocol Community provided an update on its listing of NEO projects on Switcheo. The community stated that after it had carried out thorough research, it would be unable to proceed with listing on NEO projects on Switcheo until the adoption of NEP-8 standards is complete.

The reason behind this is because of the interpretation differences that exist between the Python smart contracts and the Switcheo smart contract. The community further stated in its update that it will move on to other important issues while they keep hope alive on a quick resolution of the problem highlighted.

Vote IAM On Bibox

 Members of the Bridge Protocol Community are allowed to vote IAM on Bibox. The voting started on the 2nd of May and is scheduled to end on the 9th of May, 2018. Two winners will be selected in this round. The winners will be selected on the basis of both the number of votes obtained as well as the number of voters.

Vote IAM On Bibox

The Ambassador Program On Bridge Protocol Community

The Bridge Protocol Community has admitted it’s first set of ambassadors in line with its newly constituted ambassador program. A total of 10 ambassadors will be welcomed to the community. The ambassadors will be accessible on every social media outlet with the aim of educating the community on Bridge Protocol and the future ambitions of blockchain technology.

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