07 May 2018

Gagapay ICO – Smart Marketing On The Neo Network 

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Gagapay ICO – Smart Marketing On The Neo Network

Gagapay.network is creating an industry-transforming smart marketing platform that will enable you to create top-notch, NEO powered, smart marketing campaigns. Gagapay will charge a small subscription fee to access a full range of exciting marketing tools, including but not limited to, affiliate, referral or network marketing, loyalty programs, bounty campaigns, and more.

Referral and affiliate marketing have a number of issues that have been hard to address correctly in the past. The lack of the right technology, tools and insufficient knowledge or human resources to handle such campaigns are just some of the fundamental problems. Affiliate marketing campaigns, for example, are plagued with issues like affiliate fraud, slow payment, and more. To summarize, you could say that all these problems combined create a high cost and low trust environment.

However, the ‘Affiliate Marketing Yearly Spending Budget’ by US enterprises alone,  is expected to reach $6.8 Billion USD by 2020. This simple figure should allow you to appreciate the magnitude of this market. Solving the issues of the current system will only add to the potential growth of this market.

Affiliate Marketing Yearly Spending Budget

Affiliate Marketing Yearly Spending Budget – US

NEO’s Blockchain solves some of the core issues

Gagapay.network wants to solve many of these issues by creating a blockchain based smart marketing platform. This will enable its users to create template based, drag and drop style campaigns which are 100% transparent.

The smart marketing platform will be using ‘Neo Contract’, to run these campaigns. Without going into too much technical detail, smart contracts will allow eliminating a lot of the ‘administrative’ overburden with regards to payments.

Smart contracts can lock up the funds which are linked to the marketing campaign. This feature totally eradicates, slow or non-payment of invoices issued to the advertiser as the funds are already in escrow on the blockchain. This allows the marketer to invest their resources with total peace of mind, as the smart contract will execute the original agreement based on the logic of the contract.

Gagapay will also utilize NeoAUTH, to provide blockchain secure identification for its users. The added transparency of the blockchain with regards to identity will also allow advertisers to reward the affiliates who provide them the most business. You can do this by using multi-level tree recording on the blockchain. Rewards can also be automatically issued based on a hierarchical system and fraud can essentially be eliminated in many cases. Add to this, a marketplace where companies and marketers can connect directly with each other, and you have a strong business model for a blockchain based smart marketing platform.

Also, It should be noted that the operation will be run through a combination of the private NEO blockchain network and the public Neo Network. The bulk of smart contracts will run on privately held, ‘Gagapay Network Servers’. Over time Gagapay intends to start the process of decentralizing these private nodes.

Gagapay NEP-5 Utility token

In order to power the entire smart marketing ecosystem, the ‘Gigapay Network’ will use its own NEP-5,  GTA token. It will be used as a means of payment for the subscription model, or for purchases of additional plugin modules or other platform features. GTA token holders will also benefit from special discounts within the commission structure.

The Gagapay ICO early bird sale is underway!

So, If you are interested in joining the ICO, it’s a good time to start doing your due diligence. The ICO will be live until July 15th as long the hard cap of $34.5 million USD is not reached. A total of 1 billion coins are being minted of which 69% are offered in the ICO. Investments paid in GAS or in NEO get a 2% discount. At the time of writing, you can scoop up your GTA at a 30% early bird discount. The sale is consists of three phases; whitelist, pre-ICO, and ICO.

Source: Whitepaper Gagapay Network

Source: Whitepaper Gagapay Network

In conclusion, Gagapay offers a worthwhile solution and a real-world use case for blockchain technology. As in any business, of course, execution is really important! We’ll be keeping an eye out for this project’s progress and hope to inform you here at neonbeginner.com

You can find more information here at https://www.gagapay.network/

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