07 May 2018

“Making Inroads Into Japan” – A Bi-Weekly Report From Red Pulse

Making Inroads Into Japan


While Red Pulse is primarily a market intelligence platform designed to cover China’s rapidly growing capital and financial markets. It is an open-source platform offering an avenue where professionals, industry experts and even financial/capital market practitioners can meet to engage in research and knowledge exchange. Red Pulse has set it’s sights on expanding its scope of operation outside the shores of China.

It is common knowledge that the world is a global village with the capital and financial market performance of one country having the ability to greatly influence other countries particularly in a sub-region. To this end Red Pulse has made remarkable Inroads into Japan with a long-term view to extending the use of their platform to the Japanese markets. By so doing they hope to expand their already massive community.

An official channel on Telegram was created for the purpose of growing the Red Pulse community in Japan. In only a short space of time the community in Japan has grown from zero to more than 600 and counting. Interested practitioners, industry experts and financial/capital market professionals in Japan can be a part of the community here.


New Office For Red Pulse

Red Pulse has quickly settled down in its new office building. Its new location is much larger than its old office and it is in a bright and sunny climate. As part of the celebrations in marking this milestone in the life of the organization, it has scheduled an office warming party for next week. Partners as well as supporters of Red Pulse are all invited to celebrate with them and share in their success.

New Office For Red Pulse


Building Inspired-Effective-Driven Teams

Red Pulse is well aware of the need to have a team of individuals that are inspired, effective at what they do and driven to make the organization excel whilst building their individual professional careers and reputations.

The Red Pulse team is growing steadily and the company recently added seven employees to fill positions in finance, HR, accounting, UI/UX design and software engineering. They are always in search of the best talents available and recruitment is an ongoing concern for the organization. If you are interested in joining Red Pulse you can check out available vacant positions here.

The Red Pulse team


Review Of Past Events In 2018


The NEO Vienna Developer Workshop


On the 24th of April, 2018 a developer workshop was held in Vienna, Switzerland. This was part of a NEO Europe Tour that had the Director of Engineering – Chris Hager host an intensive hands-on devshop titled “Smart Contract Programming with Python”.

The NEO Vienna Developer Workshop


The Blockchain Universe: Successful ICO Event In Taiwan


On the 27th of April, 2018 a Blockchain Universe: Successful ICO event was held in Taiwan. Both the CEO of Red Pulse (Jonathan Ha) and the co-founder (Stanley Chao) attended the event on invitation as keynote speakers. The CEO of Red Pulse shared the company’s vision for the RPX in a research based ecosystem as well as the organization’s experience in the past year. You can have access to the keynote address here.

Successful ICO Event In Taiwan

Successful ICO Event In Taiwan

Successful ICO Event In Taiwan

Future Events In May


May 8: The Block O2O Blockchain Summit To Be Held In Hong Kong


On May 8th, 2018 a presentation will be made by the CEO (Jonathan Ha) of Red Pulse at the Block O2O Blockchain Summit to be held in Hong Kong. It is expected that a large number of financiers, regulators, tokenomists, blockpreneurs as well as visionaries will be in attendance at the summit. There will also be speakers from over 30 countries from around the world that will provide an insight into cryptocurrency and blockchain. You can know more about this upcoming event here.

The Block O2O Blockchain Summit To Be Held In Hong Kong

May 17: The Astana Economic Forum To Be Held In Kazakhstan


On the 17th of May, 2018 the Astana Economic Forum will be held in Kazakhstan. Jonathan Ha will be on hand as a keynote speaker at the event. It would mark the first time that Red Pulse would be visiting Central Asia. The CEO of Red Pulse would also be on a panel that is titled – “A New Image of Financial Exchange: How Financial Platforms are Transforming.” If you want to get more details about this upcoming event, you can do so here.

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