08 May 2018

A Step By Step Guide To Use O3 Mobile Wallet

Manage Your Digital Assets Anywhere With O3 Wallet

Not too long ago cryptocurrency transactions on the NEO blockchain could only be possible by users on their laptops or desktops. With O3 Mobile Wallet, users can now manage their digital assets literally from the palm of their hands. The O3 Mobile Wallet gives users an unmatched level of control and access over their digital assets allowing them to trade anything and anywhere.

If you are not yet using this mobile dApp but you want to know…

  • where you can download the app,
  • how you can use this mobile wallet
  • and what features are available to you.

This step by step guide to use O3 Mobile Wallet will hopefully provide answers to some your questions.


Step 1: Download the O3 Mobile Wallet

The first thing you need to do is to visit the O3 website. On the website you can download from either the “Apple App Store” for iOS mobile users or the “Google Play” for Android mobile users. Just click on the respective button to start the download process.

Download the O3 Mobile Wallet


If you are using “O3 via TESTFLIGHT” you will need to read the migration guide of the O3 Network here.


Download the O3 Mobile Wallet


( this is a Screenshot of the O3 Mobile Wallet ready for download on Google Play)


What To Expect From Your Wallet

O3 Mobile Wallet provides a user-friendly and interactive platform for all its users. Once you have downloaded this mobile wallet you can expect the following from the mobile dApp;

A Secure Platform: O3 uses both the Android and iOS security to ensure that the private key of users is secure and safe.

Operate In Real-time: Users can watch as their trading portfolio grows alongside the NEO Smart Economy.

An Informative Platform: Users will be kept up-to-date with the latest news from NEO to keep them abreast with recent trends in the NEO Ecosystem.


An Open Source: The O3 wallet was created as a community effort. To this end, users will always receive quality support from the technical support team at all times and on request. Check the “Contact” section under “Settings” to be able to reach a support team for assistance.


Step 2: Know Your Features 

The user interface of the O3 Mobile Wallet is user-friendly and users can easily navigate the platform without any difficulty. Here’s a list of some of the features on this mobile app.

  • Users can check both their NEO and GAS digital assets capped in USD.


  • Users can add NEP-5 tokens.
  • The mobile wallet supports several cryptocurrencies such as NEO, GAS, DBC, RPX and APH.


user interface of the O3 Mobile Wallet


  • Users can claim GAS.
  • The O3 Mobile Wallet offers Cold Storage, My NEO Address and Send functions.

user interface of the O3 Mobile Wallet


  • Users can send a digital asset to a recipient in a simple way, all that is required is for them to fill out a form requiring the following information:
  • Asset Type: This is the type of digital assets being sent for example NEO.
  • Amount: The value of the digital asset to be sent.
  • Note: This is a message that will accompany the amount sent and will be received by the recipient.
  • NEO Address: This is the address of the recipient of the digital asset.

Once the required information is provided, users can transfer digital assets with no fee/charge required.

user interface of the O3 Mobile Wallet


Step 3: Settings  

The ‘Settings’ page on the O3 Mobile Wallet has many options for users. You can have access to your private key in the ‘My Private Key’ section under a drop-down menu. It is here that users can change their private key if they want to. Other options that are available from the drop-down menu under ‘Settings’ include;

  • Address Book: Stores users trading preferences (recipients) information.
  • Watch-Only-Address: Allows users to select their preferred networks for viewing.
  • Network: It allows users to view various networks on the blockchain.
  • Share: The mobile wallet allows sharing capabilities.
  • Contact: Here users can reach out to the support team for assistance.
  • Log out: Users can log out from their mobile wallet when they click this portion.
  • Version: Users can view their current O3 Mobile Wallet version details.

Settings of the O3 Mobile Wallet


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