08 May 2018

Breaking! Aphelion gets listed on KUCOIN – APH price Jumps!

Kucoin announced today that it will be listing the APH (Aphelion Token) on the Kucoin exchange. After a packed news cycle for Aphelion, this listing is another win for the young project. Kucoin has become a popular and well-respected exchange in the last couple of months. It is also known to support NEP-5 tokens early on which is greatly appreciated by the NEO community in general.

Supported trading pairs include: APH/BTV APH/NEO, APH/ETH

APH Trading start: 23:00 May 8, 2018 (UTC+8)

APH Withdrawal: 11:00 May 9, 2018 (UTC+8)

Great news for the community

This listing is great news for the community backing the Aphelion project and the APH token. The APH token had only been available on the Switcheo decentralized exchange until now. The switcheo exchange itself has only been operational on ‘mainnet’ since March 31, consequently, the overall trading volume has been quite low.

The announcement of its trading debut on Kucoin will surely have a positive effect for the liquidity of the token and attract more investors to the Aphelion story.

The Aphelion APH token jumps +26% on the news as investors are clearly pleased with the progress the team is making. Currently, the token trades at 0.68$ per coin and soared a total of 144,09 percent in the last 7 days according to Coinmarketcap.

The Aphelion Story

Aphelion is aiming to create the solutions that will provide the crypto community, with a truly decentralized and trustless experience. With this in mind, Aphelion is working hard to launch its own ‘Decentralized Exchange’ (DEX).

Aphelion’s philosophy for its DEX is geared towards ending high gees and frozen funds. It also wants to eradicate locked trades or hijacked tokens. Aphelion solves these issues by providing its users, a full, on-chain and cross-chain trading experience. This peer-to-peer decentralized exchange will also redistribute APH tokens which are spent during the transaction to its token holders. This creates an amazing incentive to hold the APH tokens. As the volume of the exchange grows over time, so will your holdings of APH tokens grow.

The NEW Aphelion Wallet Version 1.2.3!

While the community has been waiting for the Aphelion DEX, the team did not stand still. In recent times, they successfully introduced the ‘Aphelion Desktop Wallet’ to the crypto crowd. The Aphelion team also reported yesterday, May 7th, that the Aphelion Wallet is now officially tested and approved by the NEO Council.

As of today, Aphelion also released its latest update of the wallet, version 1.3.1. This version addresses some key fixes and upgrades.  You can download this last version directly on Github or the official NEO Client webpage.

The following fixes and improvements were addressed since version 1.2.2.;

  1. Improved UX for claiming gas.
  2. Claiming gas now waits long enough for the claim to be accepted in certain cases where services are slightly behind the chain.
  3. Recent Transactions for Neo/Gas now switch between neoscan or neon-db based on service availability.
  4. Better UI / UX for a wallet with no contacts or no transactions.
  5. Improved network error messaging.
  6. Multiple UI / UX Improvements.
  7. Adds a ‘MAX’ button for convenience when sending all of a particular asset.

The Aphelion community is growing and its open source decentralized approach is fundamentally what the cryptocurrency world is all about. The trend change is upon us and the move towards decentralized exchanges is accelerating. Aphelion seems to be right on the track to try and capture market share.

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