08 May 2018

CONSENSUS 2018 – Blockchain Technology Summit – Is Fast Approaching!

CONSENSUS 2018 – Blockchain Technology Summit – Is Fast Approaching!

Consensus 2018 -Blockchain Technology Summit

Consensus 2018 -Blockchain Technology Summit

A year has already past and Consensus is back as one of the most notorious Blockchain Technology Summits on planet earth. While we are not yet an intergalactic species, technologies like Blockchain do inspire us to think about the future of our society and how it will likely evolve.


The summit is taking place in New York City at the ‘New York Hilton Midtown Hotel’.

  • New York Hilton Midtown
  • 1335 6th Ave
  • New York, NY 10019

When is it taking place and who will be there?

The conference is starting next Monday, May 14th and will continue until Wednesday, May 16th. During that time this ‘Blockchain Technology Summit’ will feature over 250 speakers and attract more than 4000 attendees.

You can expect some of the most prominent tech leaders from a broad range of industries to attend. From leading startups, media and investors to academics, financial institutions, and regulators.

The speaker list is quite impressive. Ranging from the folks you expected to speak at the event to those that don’t seem to fit. However, this is just another sign that ‘Blockchain Technology’ has become more mainstream.

Five speakers I’d like to hear

While summing up the whole speaker list would not really be feasible for this article, let me pick 5 of speakers I’d like to hear. Now having said that you can check the full list here and I invite you to leave a comment with your top 5 picks.

  1. So, My first pick would be Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit. Steemit is a decentralized content platform which packs a ton of features and a vibrant community. I’m really interested to hear how he sees the platform evolve.
  2. My second pick would be Elisabeth Stark, CEO, and CO-founder of Lighting Labs. Scalability is such an important issue that I’d like to be at the forefront of what is happening in that space.
  3. Matthew Spoke, founder of AION would be my third choice as I’m attracted to the topic of a decentralized internet.
  4. My 4th choice would be Key Huang, President at THEKEY Project. We have discussed their ‘Identity Verification System’ here at Neonbeginner.com and we are quite intrigued with their BDMI technology and the advanced stage of their pilot project.
  5. Lastly, I’d have to pick Litecoin’s, Charlie Lee.

Now, the truth is that I have a lot more picks on my wishlist and I’m sure you will have different ones from mine. So don’t be shy to share your top 5 with us at Neonbeginner.com!

Major announcements and media attention

Consensus 2018 will most likely function as the main stage for some major announcements of industry leading projects. Organized by Coindesk, this will be the 4th consecutive year the Summit is organized.

The media attention will be mindblowing and content will spread around the web faster than you can read it or watch it. Just have a look at the some of the high profile media channels that will be attending and covering the event! Business Insider, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Financial Times, Handelsblatt, MarketWatch, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Thomson Reuters. Now luckily, we also know that we will have broad coverage and deep knowledge coming from ‘crypto specialist media’ channels on Youtube, Reddit and here at Neonbeginner.

Consensus Hackathon 2018

Alongside the as now closed ‘Proof-of-work’ competition, Consensus 2018 will also feature a ‘Building Blocks Hackathon’. This competition is organized to incentivize developers to come up with the next ‘killer app’ which can transform entire industries. The competition will yield a grand prize of around $30.000 USD for the winning participant.

So, all in all, Consensus is packing a lot of value and I’m looking forward to keeping our Neonbeginner community informed! If you are interested to go, you can find more information at the ‘Coindesk’ website. https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-2018

Consensus 2018 -Blockchain Technology Summit

Consensus 2018 -Blockchain Technology Summit


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