11 May 2018

How To Add MCT To NEON Wallet


As the number of ICOs increase on the NEO blockchain, there is also a corresponding rise in the tokens available to your digital wallet. One new token on the NEO blockchain is Master Contract Token (MCT). The MCT is a NEP-5 cryptocurrency which allows third-party smart contracts to receive,  send or hold the token. If you have a NEON wallet and you have not added this token to it, here’s your opportunity to include this token to your wallet by learning how to with this DIY tutorial.


A step-by-step tutorial on How to Add MCT to Your NEON Wallet

Make sure you have updated Neon Wallet


Neon Wallet Github: Download

  1. The first thing you need to know how to add MCT to your NEON wallet is to open your NEON wallet app and then select “Manage Neon Settings”.

Manage NeoN setting      2. Next, you will need to click on the “Manage Tokens” button on the Settings page.

Manage Tokens on NEO Wallet

       3. Once there you will see tokens that have been listed already. The NEP-5 tokens you will expect to see include RPX. QLC, DBC and RHT. You then need to click on the “Add a new token” button in order to customise the token list to include Master Contract Token (MCT).

Add a New Token to Your NEO Wallet       4. Once you are on a vacant token slot, you should then add the scripthash for Master Contract Token (MCT). This scripthash is: (a87cc2a513f5d8b4a42432343687c2127c60bc3f)

Add a new token to NEO wallet

MCT ScriptHash

      5. You can copy this scripthash from a memo or document file on your device so that you can paste it into the empty token slot under the “Add a new token” drop-down menu.

      6. Input the scripthash onto the token slot manually or paste the MCT scripthash and then click on the “Save” button.

       7. You will be taken back to the home page of the NEON wallet where you will need to login in order to see MCT listed as a token on your NEON wallet. To get more details about the token, just click on the “i” to view token information. Note: the token may take between 1 and 2 minutes before it is displayed, so be patient!


In Closing

If you want to add the MCT to your NEON wallet it’s as easy as A, B, C. It is really a DIY and anyone can do it easily by following the instructions in this tutorial. There are so many new ICOs joining the NEO blockchain so be sure that you may have to repeat this process for other digital assets as well.

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Neon Wallet 0.2.5

@mhugginsmhuggins released this 5 days ago · 4 commits to dev since this release


  • Removed "1 drop of GAS" messaging for NEP5 token transfers. (This requirement was removed in the previous release, but the messaging was unintentionally left in.)


  • Switched over all API calls to exclusively use neoscan rather (previously load balanced between neoscan and neonDB). This should result in more successful transactions, claims, and claim calculations, as well as having fewer API error responses.
  • Updated transaction history to use faster neoscan API endpoint.
  • Improved error messaging for failed GAS claims.
  • Added scripthash for MCT (Master Contract Token).
  • Added scripthash for GDM (Guardium).
  • Added scripthash for PKC (PikcoChain).
  • Added scripthash for AVA (Travala).
  • Added scripthash for SWTH (Switcheo).

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openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.5.Mac.dmg

Windows: db4772f27c70d2f23f40826167ea0dfa3c23bf3d0fbcf08c60b3dc5d0e5a1ab6
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