13 May 2018

Narrative Welcomes Users to The Content Economy

What Is Narrative?

Narrative is a social media platform powered by blockchain technology which will reward moderators, creators and anyone that can make a difference on the network by providing content of really great quality. Narrative gives out 85% of its revenue to users as merited rewards. Below is all you need to know about Narrative.


The Content Economy

The Content Economy is a decentralised platform ruled by users. The actions and contributions of every user to the platform will greatly impact the economic reward. Every user that adds significant value to the network will boost their reputation and be highly rewarded.

Blockchain technology is what powers Narrative as the foundations for content currency. Users generate quality content on the network and are rewarded with tokens that can be traded across exchanges on the blockchain.


Tell Your Story

Individuals and corporate entities can tell their story on Narrative. This blockchain powered social network acts like a combination of popular social media platforms, with the main difference being that Narrative focuses on a clearly expressed subject-matter, theme or topic. In Narrative every user has a personal journal which will be used by the user to post their content and tell their own story.


Create A Niche

A niche on Narrative is basically a subject that is created and owned by a user on the network. Every other user can post content to the niche while the owner of the niche is rewarded for the volume of high quality content provided on the niche channel.

There are also ”Brands” on Narrative and these are channels that are provided for publications or corporate entities that are interested in regulating the type of users that can post content on the channel as well as those that can organise and manage the content that are provided on the “Brand Channel”.


Users Are In Control

Users are absolutely in control in this Content Economy. Typical social media outlets make money from their users and set the policies for content in a centralised system. Narrative on the other hand is completely different. In this decentralised social network users determine the content and are rewarded for quality content.

In Narative the ultimate winners are the users and not the other way around. However, users being in control does not mean that there are no checks and balances. Narrative offers a reputation and content scoring rating system to make sure that only quality contributors to the network and those with more direct impact rise to the top of the rating and also earn much more than the average-Joe.  

Members of Narrative are given the power to manage every content on the network. Every content posted is under the ownership of users and moderators who will manage the quality of content posted are elected. There is also a tribunal that will be elected by the users and this tribunal acts as decision makers on the content provide on the network. The tribunal are the final arbiters on data or content-related issues.  Even advertisements that show up on the network are left to the community to decide on whether the adverts should be on the network or not.


A Transparent Network

One thing that users can come to expect from Narrative is its transparency. The actions of the tribunal, moderator and general users are open for everyone to see. Even the revenues earned are made public. Blockchain technology powers this network in a decentralised and open source environment. The network’s finances are equally audited and openly published for every user to see.


A Free To Use Social Network

Narrative is a free to use social network and users from all works of life and backgrounds are welcome. Rewards on this network are made out to users in either fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Although the economic value of Narrative is captured by the use of cryptocurrency as it operates under the decentralised blockchain platform. As users can directly manage the content posted on niche or brand channels the need for middlemen has being done away with.


Narrative Token Sale

The Narrative token sale conducted recently saw crowdsale purchasers allotted about 50% of genesis tokens. NRVE which is a NEP-5 token that is based on NEO was valued at 300 tokens for each NEO cryptocurrency.

Narrative Token Sale

Join The Content Economy Community

If you are interested in joining the content economy then you should sign up, visit https://www.narrative.network.

Narrative Economy Community

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