13 May 2018

nOS – A Decentralised Operating System For The NEO Mass Adoption Phase!

nOS – Decentralized Operating System For The NEO Mass Adoption Phase!

nOS project is building a virtual decentralized operating system for the masses. This is essentially a user-friendly environment for people to connect to the ‘decentralized web’, and use DAPPS (decentralized applications) in a seamless fashion.

User Interface ‘UI’ Design competition open now!

While the NoS project has not yet unveiled the final design of the User interface, the team is advocating to think of it as a google browser and chrome store in one. If you are a designer, you can still enter their ‘User Interface’ designer competition. The deadline is May 29th.

nOS UI Design competion

nOS UI Design competition – nOS decentralized virtual operating system

Why nOS?

The nOS project was founded by Dean van Dugteren. He is a City of Zion developer and envisions a virtual operating system that will empower the Neo Smart Economy. Essentially, users will be able to access an ‘Open Internet’. Applications will be transparent and give their users peace of mind with respect to their privacy. The nOS DAPPS will run in an open and decentralized environment. In other words, the back-end code will be open source and immutable through the NEO blockchain.

Today, the internet is fundamentally dishonest

Current applications on the internet are functioning in closed source environments. Because of this, there is a lack of insight into what happens with user data. It was only recently that there was a huge public debate around the misuse of our data by Facebook. It is not difficult to imagine that many corporations are abusing these loopholes and selling our data without preconsent or knowledge. On top of that, these large enterprises are easily persuaded by the government to hand over the key to our online identities.

You see, nowadays, when applications want to run on certain closed environments like the Google Chrome app store or the Apple app store, they basically need to work within that closed framework and certain information on our online behavior might be traded without our knowledge. You essentially do not have control of what happens in the background.

nOS Mass adoption

One of the key messages that we have gotten from industry leaders like Da Hongfei is that focus on ‘Mass Adoption’ is key. He obviously likes the project as shown in the tweet below. nOs fits perfectly into the larger plan of the NEO Smart Economy. To that effect, nOS was also financially backed by NEO Global Capital. nOS rocks!



It’s true that the crypto world is still vasty run by ‘Crypto Geeks’, no offense-none taken. The masses will need a simple gateway that screams ‘this is the door to the open internet’.  nOS wants to be that door and I can’t wait for it to open and hope it feels like an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ type of experience.

nOS promises to create an ecosystem which is fully compatible with the NEO Smart Economy. To help create this frictionless environment, we as users will be able to pay for any service of any application in GAS. In the background, a special GAS to NEP-5 token exchange protocol will handle the swap. This feature is essential for mass adoption!

Other KEY nOS features


So, we know there will be an open back end and that Gas will be readily used as the main currency to power the ecosystem. Two other key features are the ‘Universal Smart Contract’ (USC) and the ‘Decentralized Authority’. As mentioned before the team has its mind set on mass adoption, and this idea is not only meant for ordinary users, but also for ‘developers’! As in any ecosystem, all parties need to be incentivized.

Programming languages and Universal Smart Contract

So, the nOS team created some powerful incentives for developers to flock to the nOS-NEO world. First of all, they are making the ‘coding language’ barrier-to entry as low as possible. Therefore, they created a ‘Javascript library’ that allows application developers to use the common languages they already use for web app development. Secondly, the nOS virtual environment gives app developers the option to use the nOS USC. So, developers do not have to run their own smart contracts. They can create a database setup underneath the nOS structure and create the functions and storage methods they need for their DAPPS there.

Decentralized Authority

Another key selling point has to do with the feature of a ‘Decentralized Authority’. What is this exactly? It is basically an ‘incentivized rating system’. Now, the white paper is not yet out and we do not have the specific details on how this works, but essentially, nOS token stakeholders will be able to rate applications. Ordinary users will receive extra nOS tokens for giving honest, true ratings and application developers will receive ‘airdrops’ based on their rating. So, even if your application does not have a built-in revenue model, the nOS platform provides one for you.

TGE – Token Generation Event 

The Token generation event is still upcoming in Q3 of 2018. Public sale distribution is not yet known. For more information go to nOS.io

In closing

In closing, nOS is potentially amazing, but a lot of details still have to be released and work done. Will this be ‘THE’ gateway to our decentralized future? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we invite you to join the discussion or open the debate with us at Neonbeginner.com

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