15 May 2018

Announcement! Details Of Moonlight LX Token Pre-sale Released

          Moonlight The Smart Economy Workforce

Members of City of Zion a reputable community on the blockchain are the brains behind the development and establishment of the rather romantically named NEO blockchain smart economy workforce system aptly called Moonlight.

This platform was designed by City of Zion (CoZ) to solve those issues faced during a recruitment drive by organisations within the blockchain, to boost productivity within the decentralised distributed workforce and also to enhance project management. Moonlight announced through its newsletter on the 13th of May, 2018 that it would commence the public opening of the Moonlight LX token pre-sale.


Minimum And Maximum Pre-sale Purchase

A total of fifty (50) pre-sale slots will be made available by Moonlight. They also do not intend opening any extra slots at a future or later date. The main focus of the project by City of Zion (CoZ) is to ensure legal compliance as well as fairness all round. To this end, those that have contributed to the LX token pre-sale drive are prohibited from getting any form of bonuses as well as discounts.

Users are informed that the minimum pre-sale purchase of the Moonlight LX tokens will be fixed at 2,000,000. The exchange rates on offer include the following;

  • NEO – 1,000
  • GAS – 2,500
  • ETH – 133.3

On the other hand the Moonlight LX token maximum pre-sale purchase will be set at 10,000,000. The exchange rate in this instance will be as follows;

  • NEO – 5,000
  • GAS – 12,500
  • ETH – 666.6

It was also state in the Moonlight newsletter that pre-sale investors will be subjected to an all round organised vesting schedule. Once the token sale is concluded the first 250,000 LX tokens will be made available to investors.

The LX tokens of between 250,001 and 5,000,000 will be made available by Moonlight three months after the first set of tokens are released. Subsequently the tokens of between 5,000,001 to 10,000,000 will be released six months after the public token sale has been concluded.

Subscribers Of Moonlight Newsletter Get Priority Access To Pre-sale

For any subscriber of the Moonlight newsletter, they will be given priority access to the LX token pre-sale of the NEO smart economy workforce platform. The date of subscriber registration with Moonlight and subscription to their newsletter will be considered.

Moonlighting also informed the general public in its May 13th, 2018 newsletter that subscribing to its newsletter will avail users with a lot of benefits from the platform. Apart from affording Moonlight and users a stress-free mode of mutual communication, the newsletter would be a vehicle for other incentivised offers. This system of communication is also smooth, clean as well as being out of the grasp of inappropriate participants and users.

Platform Growth From Outside Blockchain

While the Moonlight is powered by blockchain technology with lots of contributors from within the blockchain network (growing at a steady rate). It also welcomes contributors from outside the domain of the blockchain.

As a matter of fact Moonlight intend to prioritise those parties that are able to contribute towards the growth and development of the NEO smart economy workforce platform. The contribution expected include the following;

  • Making jobs available on the Moonlight NEO smart economy workforce platform in order to boost it’s worldwide task backlog.
  • Those from outside the blockchain that can contribute to Moonlight’s marketing drive.
  • Contributions to new business development.
  • As well as contributions to legal and adoption from outside the confines of the blockchain community.

For anyone interested in participating in the Moonlight LX pre-sale application. They can do so by clicking on the link here.


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