15 May 2018

OneGame – The First AI Based Game On DeepBrain Chain

OneGame The First Of Many AI Games

There has been an astronomical rise in Artificial Intelligence or AI for short in the NEO blockchain community as well as outside the community. To further emphasise this growth DeepBrain Chain has launched a virtual decentralised gaming project which is directly linked to its AI public chain. This AI based game is the first of many and it goes by the name of “OneGame”.

The launch of OneGame was announced by both Tuoniao Blockchain Media and a Jinse Finance. This decentralised virtual AI game will utilise the powerful DeepBrain Chain platform in order to benefit from AI algorithms, data and the relevant computing resources.

With OneGame users can develop fresh models as well as a variety of scenarios by virtue of thorough and detailed learning. This gaming platform will gradually, but surely evolve on its own in line with the whole purpose of AI and through the following;

  • Through continuous training.
  • By enhanced learning.
  • By enhancing the platform’s non-player characters overall game intelligence.
  • By virtue of genetic algorithms.
  • Making use of gene arrangement as well as combining genes for enhanced characters.

The OneGame platform takes pride in its AI algorithm which is its main competitive edge.

DeepBrain Chain Week #11 Report

This is a summary of some of the key points from the DeepBrain Chain’s week #11 report.


Project Development

DeepBrain Chain research and development team spent the whole of last week working assiduously on the review and optimization of the code of iteration 1 for all its AI training tasks, troubleshooting as well as problem solving. The bottom code of iteration 0 was equally reviewed by the research and development team of DeepBrain Chain during the week in review.

Design Framework

DeepBrain Chain looked at a number of optional concepts for data encryption security. The DeepBrain Chain dev team also intend to continue with the analysis of available data encryption security concepts this week. A first draft of the analysis of a number of network security concepts and threat models to the network in the NEO blockchain will be made available by the third week in May.

Code Iteration 0 Testing

In week #11, DeepBrain Chain concluded its third round of code iteration 0 testing. The main emphasis for the test was to test for any memory resource leakage, testing for any unusual pressure and testing for any unusual performance. At the moment, DeepBrain Chain can support over 110,000 simultaneous connections on one Windows or PC platform. The first round of code iteration 1 testing was also performed last week (week #11).


  1. DeepBrain Chain was able to rectify those issues observed in the third round of code iteration 0 testing.
  2. They were able to maximise log exception catching at the moment handler resources surpass the system limits.
  3. DeepBrain Chain were able to optimise hangup message catching.
  4. They were able to rectify issues with compatibility with upgrades of the api.
  5. DeepBrain Chain were able to resolve blocking issues with the download of storage data in the decentralised blockchain platform.
  6. During node initialization, DeepBrain Chain were able to maximise the log prompt message.
  7. Seed nodes for the TestNet were also built.
  8. The code for the synchronisation of data between nodes was optimized.
  9. The compiler script for MAC system was optimized.


The North American Marketing Drive

Dr. Dongyan Wang who is the EVP of Silicon Valley AI + Blockchain Center attended various conferences in North America in week #11. He is also the Chief AI Officer of DeepBrain Chain. A video of the keynote speech of Dr. Dongyan Wang at the Global Disruptive Innovation Summit was published May 10th, 2018 by the Silicon Valley Business Institute.


Upcoming Events

DeepBrain Chain would be attending the Russian Blockchain Week which takes place from the 21st of May to the 25th of May, 2018. It is expected that over 1,500 guests consisting of major players in the AI industry and blockchain technology would also be in attendance. The event is billed for five days with more than 70 blockchain industry experts expected to make their top level presentations. DeepBrain will present a keynote speech at the upcoming event. You can learn more here.

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