18 May 2018

Bridge Protocol (IAM): Two New Token Listings & Mobile UI Preview!

Bridge Protocol (IAM): Two New Token Listings & Mobile UI Preview!


Bridge Protocol (IAM), which is active in ‘Blockchain Identity Management’ space, announced today that the IAM NEP-5 token is now available for trading on Bitpactcoin. We also learned recently that the IAM token can also be directly purchased in USD with the services provided by BiteBTC.com. In this article, we’ll also have a look at their Mobile UI and talk about their partnership with ‘Trueblocks’-

Listing on Bitpactcoin is ‘Live’ Now!

Trading has started on Bitpactcoin for the Bridge Protocol, IAM token.  The exchange is offering trading pairs for the IAM token with Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherium (ETH). Bitpactcoin is a relatively new and fast-growing exchange.

Bridge Protocol and Bitpactcoin also agreed to run joint promotional marketing campaigns to promote the listing. With that in mind, they have launched a 500.000 IAM coin giveaway related to the trading volume of the Token. You can find more information about this on the Bridge Protocol’s Twitter Channel.

IAM direct ‘Fiat’ gateway with BiteBTC.com

The IAM token was also launched for trading on the BiteBTC exchange. Unlike many other exchanges, BiteBTC is offering USD trading pairs for the listed coins. With this, they make it easier for many investors to get in and out of the investment by eliminating the need to convert to BTC or Etherium before cashing out. BiteBTC offers IAM trading pairs with ETH, BTC, and USD.

The Bridge Protocol MOBILE UI preview! – Bridge Protocol’s very talented ‘Graphic Designers’!

A picture says a thousand words! One has to applaud the great work of their ‘Graphic Design’ team. They have created some stunning visuals for the project so far.

Bridge Protocol (IAM) Mobile UI

Bridge Protocol (IAM) Mobile UI

The team launched a community voting poll on Twitter the other day, asking for our opinion. Even though the visual impact of a mobile UI is limited in what I can offer us with respect to ‘breathtaking moments’, the User Interface looks clean and appears to be focused on the task at hand, namely providing us one-stop-shop for our online identity checks.

Bridge Protocol – Identity Management System

Importantly, we were also informed that the progress is not just limited to the front-end, but that the team is advancing well with respect to the development of the Bridge Protocol technology. The team is equally working hard on sealing deals that will ‘bridge the gap’ to the regulated market.

Why Bridge Protocol? As Reminder the Bridge Protocol was created with the idea to resolve an acute problem in the current cryptocurrency ICO ecosystem, namely, Identity.

Regulators are increasingly pushing towards implementation of the ‘KYC (Know Your Customer) regulation in the crypto space and Bridge Protocol wants to provide a solution that is useful now. First and foremost, it wants to act as an intermediary between investors and ICO’s. However, this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’!

In the meantime, we can look forward to the second part of this year which includes ‘mainnet’ launch in Q4.


Trueblocks Partnership

The team is clearly focused on execution. It is delivering two trading platforms, Mobile UI design and broke the news of their partnership with Trueblocks!

With this agreement Bridge Protocol hopes to increase its exposure in the Korean Market. Trueblocks is managing one of the largest crypto social media channels in South Korea and is focused on propagating a positive message around blockchain technology. Trueblocks has also agreements in place with APEX and more recently with RED PULSE.

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