21 May 2018

Introducing the Guardian Circle Ecosystem


The Guardian Circle is an emergency solution services network powered by NEO blockchain technology. It is a platform where users on a global scale can seek out emergency services and the Guardium or GDM is the digital asset that drives smart contracts in this ecosystem. The Guardian Circle ecosystem acts as a virtual marketplace for emergency related products and services.

The participants and services rendered in this ecosystem include the following;

  • Any consumer of paid for emergency services.
  • Providers of paid for emergency response.
  • All remote sponsors.
  • All manufacturers of IoT Alert Devices.


The Role Of The Guardian Circle

The Guardian Circle will be the ones responsible for the recruitment as well as onboarding of consumers on the Guardian Circle ecosystem. They will also be reponsible for the management of smart contracts under the ecosystem. They will circulate the GDM tokens and also enforce consumer subscription payments.


What About Consumers?

Consumers on the Guardian Circle ecosystem will make use of the GDM token to purchase the Guardian Circle dApp. This dApp has the Guardium Wallet where GDM is stored. The dApp will be used to develop as well as answer emergency “Alerts”.

It should be noted that basic essential services on this ecosystem are FREE and they will remain as such on a global scale. Some of the FREE basic essential services include granting consumers the option of having an unlimited number of family members, friends and neighbors in their “Alert Circle”. Consumers can have as many as 5,000 people in their Alert Circle if they like and they will also have an “Unlimited number of Alerts”.

Consumers are also able to participate actively by subscribing to various Paid Response Services. Some of which include the following;

  • Medical Transportation services.
  • Paramedic / EMT services.
  • Emergency Rescue services.
  • Engaging the services of Licensed & Bonded Private Security outfits.
  • Engaging the services of a Remote Alert Operator a sort of Concierge 9-1-1 service operator.
  • Engaging the services of both public and private security from Corporate Security firms, Campus Public Safety, Municipalities and also Governments. 

Paid Response Services Subscription Payment

Consumers on the Guardian Circle ecosystem can subscribe to these Paid Response Services with the use of FIAT such as debit/credit cards. They can also subscribe using their incentivised GDM tokens and this entitles them to a 50% discount on subscription to any Paid Response Service. Consumers can also lockup a particular amount of GDM for a certain period of time in their dApp wallet and receive a 20% discount for subscriptions made with the use of FIAT.


How To Earn GDM Digital Assets

All consumers will be able to earn GDM token under the following conditions;

  • When a consumer invites family, friends and neighbours to download the Guardian Circle app as well as encourage them to sign up in order to enjoy the free services on offer.
  • If they are able to transform free users of the dApp into paid subscribers.
  • GDM token is earned when consumers answer Alerts from their family members, friends and neighbours.

One important thing to note is that consumers that help to grow, develop and expand the Guardian Circle ecosystem can be subscribed to the available Paid Response Services for FREE throughout their use of the available services.

Consumer Alert Transcripts

Every consumer transcript is encrypted and saved in the blockchain. These transcripts have timestamps that state the precise time of the creation of the alert, information on the person that responded to the alert and the time at which they did. It also has a comprehensive record of every conversation as well as the complete information on the location of the alerter as well as responders to the alert.

Consumers have full custody of related transcripts and they decide who can has access to the transcripts. There is a time log kept for anyone permitted to view the transcripts. The alert transcript is made immutable by the blockchain so any corrupt law enforcement agent will be unable to alter the evidence presented. It is a transparent, accurate and truthful record of happenings during a rapid response to an emergency call. While this is a free service a GDM stake will be required in order to have it active for an extensive period of time.

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