28 May 2018

nOS The Virtual Operating System Launches create-nOS-dApp

nOS For A Transparent And New Internet

For anyone wishing for an Internet that is completely open, transparent and fresh, they may not have to wait for too long as nOS a Virtual Operating System (VOS) was created for this singular purpose. This Virtual Operating System is a NEO blockchain service that is both driven and powered by the NEO Smart Economy.

nOS is a very flexible, highly compatible virtual operating system, it will be available on both desktop and mobile devices. Users can have make use of nOS on both Android and iOS mobile devices as well as on Windows, MAC and Linux desktop computers. nOS will act like both a web browser as well as an app store like Google Play Store or the Apple Store. One of the primary goals of nOS is to provide a user-friendly, easy to use and safe system where consumers are motivated to consistently make use of NEO blockchain based dApps.

At this moment in time nOS has just recently launched their create-nOS-dApp starter kit which will serve as a one-command or one-click decentralised (dApp) application for the development of nOS driven/powered applications. All the known frontend technologies have also been completely configured as well as installed while the create-nOS-dApp is known to already support “Vue”, “React” and “Angular”. It is expected that in the foreseeable future the create-nOS-dApp will also support “Vanilla Javascript”.

Check Out nOS GitHub For Create-nOS-dApp  

The create-nOS-dApp can be installed through NPM or through Yarn and it is also a typical CLI tool. Create-nOS-dApp will develop an application which will comprise of your standard NEO blockchain smart contract components. Some of these NEO blockchain smart contract components include the following;

  • Test invocations,
  • Interactions and invocations,
  • Storage reading,
  • Wallet data reading and
  • smart contract transactions.

Right now developers are being motivated and fully encouraged to develop decentralised (dApp) applications that are based on nOS. If developers can provide evidence of either a developed or a workable concept for a decentralised (dApp) application that is based on nOS, they will be granted unlimited pre-sale access.

The development of fresh bootstrap projects will also be given a major boost by the create-nOS-dApp tool. If you are a developer in need of nOS support, you can check out the nOS Discord. It is here that you can get to chat with team members of the nOS community and get answers to all your questions. You can also get the create-nOS-dApp at the nOS GitHub right here.

NPM/Yarn Installation

Create-nOS-dApp as mentioned earlier can be installed through both the NPM and Yarn. If you want to install create-nOS-dApp through NPM you can do so, but you need to first open your command line tool or terminal and then you have to enter the command of:

  • # If using NPM
  • npm install -g @nosplatform/create-nos-dapp

On the other hand if you want to install the create-nOS-dApp by using Yarn you can do so by also first opening your command line tool or terminal and then by entering the command of:

  • # If using Yarn
  • yarn global add @nosplatform/create-nos-dapp

Bootstrapping A Fresh Decentralised (dApp) Application

If you want to bootstrap a fresh decentralised (dApp) application all you need to do is to make use the following command:

  • create-nos-dapp
  • # This is also possible:
  • # create-nos-dapp -t react -n my-nos-dapp

Once you have bootstrap a fresh decentralised (dApp) application using the command stated above you can then select your framework, give your decentralised (dApp) application a name and then begin coding. Your decentralised (dApp) application will also have an active server module which will allow you to have easy, stress-free and unlimited access right from the nOS client.



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