01 June 2018

A Beginners’ Guide To Playing CryptoGalaxy On An Android Or iOS Mobile Device

CryptoGalaxy The Blockchain Powered Virtual Universe


As you may well know CryptoGalaxy is the first ever blockchain powered decentralised virtual universe gaming application platform developed by Zeepin. This virtual game is now available for users of both iOS and Android devices in an open-beta version. Users are taken on a virtual exploration of the universe as explorers and they can mine for precious minerals on uncharted planets with the use of a GalaBot.

The precious minerals that are mined can then be traded for GALA tokens in the GalaxyEX. With the GALA tokens in hand, users can engage in a number of transactions and activities on the Galaxy Planet Ecosystem such as the trading in unmined planets.

There is a total of 40 new planets that are released on a weekly basis and users can buy these planets using their GALA tokens. These planets aren’t available for sale for very long as they are all purchased within seconds of their release to further highlight the ever growing interest in the CryptoGalaxy dApp.


Your Beginners Guide To Playing CryptoGalaxy

  1. Downloading CryptoGalaxy To Your Mobile Device

To begin playing CryptoGalaxy you need to go over to their website, you can do so here. Once there you need to download the decentralised application (dApp) to either your Android or iOS mobile device.

For iOS Mobile Device Users

If you are using an iOS mobile device check out the “Settings/General/Device Management” of your mobile device once you have downloaded the dApp. Once there click on “trust this app” (TOP LTD TOV) to get the dApp working on your iOS mobile device.

For Android Mobile Device Users

If you are an Android mobile device user and you are experiencing some difficulty downloading the CryptoGalaxy dApp to your Android mobile device, you can download the dApp directly from here.


  1. Registering A New User Account

As a new user of this dApp, you will need to open an account as soon as the CryptoGalaxy dApp has downloaded to either your iOS or Android mobile device. All you need to do is to click on the ‘Register’ button to begin with. Next you need to fill out all the required fields on the registration page.

When you get to the section where you are expected to enter your email details avoid using Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo as these emails have the tendency of blocking the CryptoGalaxy registration confirmation email that will be sent to your registered email address the completion of your registration.

Make sure to always remember your password as you can neither change nor retrieve it at a later date. Once you have completed the registration process and clicked the submit button, check the inbox of your registered email address for a confirmation email from CryptoGalaxy.

As soon as you receive the confirmation email, click on the link in the email to confirm your registration with CryptoGalaxy dApp. You can now login to the gaming dApp by using your registered email as well as password. You are now part of the CryptoGalaxy community and you can start mining planets as soon as you login.


Three FAQs By Users


What do I need to do, to begin mining?


To begin mining all you need to do is to click the ‘Discover Tab’, then select a planet. As soon as you get on your selected planet page, you can click the ‘Dig’ icon. You will be shown GalaBots that you can choose from, pick a robot and then click the ‘Start Working’ button.

Your chosen GalaBot will then proceed to dig on your selected planet. When you see a red dot on the surface of your selected planet, it means there are minerals to be claimed. So click on this red dot to claim your minerals.


What is the process involved in purchasing a planet?

As mentioned earlier, a total of 40 new planets will be released on a weekly basis on CryptoGalaxy for users to buy using GALA tokens. If you want to purchase a planet make sure you have enough GALA tokens in your gaming account before the commencement of the weekly planet sale.

As soon as new planets are made available click on the ‘Discover New’ button, you will be shown the planets available for sale. You need to click on one of the available planets then click on ‘Buy’ in order to purchase the planet. However, this will require speed as other users are looking to buy the planets as well.

To know when a weekly planet sale will commence you can check the ‘New Planets’ tab to see the countdown display for the next weekly planet release. The planet sale starts as soon as the target block height is attained, you can click on the ‘Conquered’ tab and then the ‘New’ tab once more in order to refresh and view new planets available for purchase.

Where do I get GALA tokens from?

Mineral exchange

GALA tokens are not currently listed on any digital asset exchange. However, a couple of GALA airdrops took place in March, 2018 with ZPT token holders picking up GALA tokens for each and every ZPT token that they had in their digital asset wallet.

You can also get GALA tokens when you mine planets and discover precious minerals which you can trade for GALA tokens. A note of warning though – avoid buying Gala OTC as there were recorded scams involving this cryptocurrency some time back.

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