02 June 2018

Travala.com Your One-Stop Travel Booking Marketplace Powered By NEO Blockchain

Travel Booking Made Easy With Travala.com

Ever since their rebranding from Concierge to Travala, Travala.com has been out to sensitize people on their services and the opportunities available to users. Travala.com is a global travel booking marketplace that utilises NEO blockchain technology to bridge the gap between vendors and consumers (travellers) by bringing them together on a platform where they can engage in P2P communication and negotiate deals without any need for the payment of commissions or fees. The Travala ecosystem will be driven by the AVA booking ledger.

To further let people know about their services Travala.com released a FAQ statement to answer some of those niggling questions from potential users of the dApp platform. The questions and answers released in the FAQ statement are a lot, but this article highlights some of those FAQs. While the question of ‘what is Travala.com’ has been answered at the beginning of this article the question of – how does Travala.com work is next on the queue.


So How Does Travala.com Work?

Travala.com will offer a variety of options for travel booking payment including NEP-5 cryptocurrencies and FIAT. However, every booking made by travellers will be made using the Travala.com digital asset known as the AVA token. Whenever a traveller makes a booking using FIAT, the traveller will automatically purchase AVA tokens in the process which will then be used for payment during the travel booking smart contract process.

The AVA token drives the platform and your funds are effectively locked in the initiated smart contract as soon as the booking process has been concluded. You will check into your booked hotel room and hopefully enjoy your stay. Within 24 hours after you have checked out of the hotel with no complaint, Travala.com will have the funds locked in the smart contract released and then transferred to the respective vendor in the smart contract.

A vendor could choose to be paid in AVA tokens, FIAT or even in a mix of both payment options. In a situation where there is a complaint from either the vendor or traveller, the smart contract will automatically trigger and execute a dispute system. The AVA tokens will be used in referral payments, loyalty packages as well as reward systems.

AVA tokens will also be used for advertisement payments. The demand for AVA tokens will be high as all background activities on the platform will utilise AVA tokens. As AVA is also locked in smart contracts, this will reduce its availability and with the demand for the token being high its value will equally rise.


Is AVA Token Available On All Exchanges?

At the moment you can buy AVA tokens from the Switcheo Exchange and there are currently three trading pairs that include AVA/GAS, AVA/NEO and AVA/SWTH. According to Travala the next cryptocurrency exchange listing will occur on June 7th, 2018 with the trading pairs to include AVA/BTC and AVA/ETH. If you want to get updates in real time, you can join the Travala.com announcement channel right here.

What Are Travala.com Services?

It is the vision of Travala.com to act as a one-stop travel experience center that is powered by NEO blockchain technology. To this end, they intend providing prospective travellers with the following travel experience services;

  • Accommodation
  • Travel and tours
  • Travel packages
  • Car rentals
  • Flights and cruises

How Can Someone Book A Trip On Travala.com?

At the moment the alpha platform initially released is being upgraded. Therefore the details for booking a trip using Travala.com will be made available as soon as the platform is fully functional and operational.


Can Property Vendors List Their Properties On Travala.com?

Properties are listed through channel managers at the moment. Travala.com is currently looking into the possibility of independent hotels being listed on the platform. However, this will be available upon the release of version 1. Travala intends ensuring that the system well as database function perfectly to encourage sustainable growth and development.


When There Are Fluctuations In The Value Of AVA, How Will The Token Be Used In The Travel Booking Process?

As mentioned earlier, FIAT and other NEP-5 digital assets are converted to AVA tokens which are locked in a particular travel booking smart contract. Travala.com has generated an algorithm that will take care of any AVA token price fluctuation. The risk of paying in AVA tokens, other cryptocurrencies or FIAT is covered by the algorithm created by Travala.com. In reality you may pay marginally more or less in the execution of a travel booking smart contract, but in time they even themselves out.

If you are still interested in getting even more detailed information about Travala.com you can check out their official website by clicking here or you can download and browse through their whitepaper that comes in PDF format.

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