04 June 2018

THEKEY – Listing on Korean Exchange, MVP ‘National Innovation Award’ and more!

THEKEY – Listing on Korean Exchange, MVP ‘National Innovation Award’ and more!

THEKEY Project, announced today June 4th, that its TKY token will be listed on a South-Korean Exchange pretty soon. The project also reported it has won a ‘National Award’ at the ‘China International Big Data Industry Expo 2018’. In this article, we’ll also have a look at a recent interview with CEO, Catherine Li, and more.

THEKEY is a Blockchain IDV (Identification Verification) project which is aiming to solve the issues regarding ‘Identities’ in our interconnected world. The pilot program of its first generation IDV services is said to be a huge success. The program is being rolled out in cities all over China, covering over 210 million people. THEKEY hopes to have the ability to incorporate authenticated data of over 500 million Chinese citizens by mid-2019. While the current IDV services still require ‘user-devices’, THEKEY foresees a future where people will be identified based on ‘government approved’ biometric data. This way THEKEY’s IDV-service will be able to provide undeniable and unalterable proof of identity.

Mystery South-Korean Cryptocurrency exchange

THEKEY also told us that it will be listed on South Korean Exchange pretty soon. Currently, you can trade the TKY token on Kucoin, Switcheo, Bit-Z, and Lbank. The token is trading at around $0.0159 USD and the 24-hour trading volume sits around $1.5 million USD. While we’ll have to wait for the official announcement, the upcoming listing will definitely help to improve liquidity.

THEKEY Wins a ‘National Award’ for its ‘Minimum Viable Product-Testnet’

During the ‘China International Big Data Industry Expo’, THEKEY was granted the national ‘Technology Innovation Award ‘2018’. THEKEY had previously announced that it had successfully completed its MVP/testnet ahead of schedule. The MVP is one of the first major milestones achieved by THEKEY in its quest to create the full version of its BDMI (Blockchain Based, Dynamic, Multi-dimension Identification) technology.

Today its technology is already capable of simultaneously cross-checking, six different pieces of personal ‘Identification’. Working hard towards reaching the point where identification and payment can be done ‘deviceless’, THEKEY currently also unveiled that they were able to create a ‘Real Identity Wallet’ (RIW). They were able to achieve this by combining the IDV technology with digital wallets. It seems that this RIW might be similar to what ‘Bridge Protocol’ IAM is trying to do. We are definitely interested in hearing more about this and the AMA tomorrow with Catherine Li could provide us with some answers.

‘Ask Me Anything’ – Session with Catherine Li 

The AMA session is taking place tomorrow June 5th, at 8.00 p.m (GMT+8). We are all welcome to participate and leave our questions for the CEO. It will surely be a very interesting AMA as it is the first opportunity the community has to ‘dig deeper’ into the ‘testnet’ launch.

You can join the AMA ‘live’ on the official THEKEY Reddit forum.

Catherine Li interviewed by ‘China Global Television Network’

Catherine LI interviewed by CGTN

Catherine LI interviewed by CGTN

On its Medium channel, THEKEY reported that the CEO mentioned in the interview that she was very satisfied with the substantial progress of the MVP/Testnet. THEKEY project will also start looking into developing its own equipment which is intended to support BDMI technology. You’ll find a link here to what seems to be another part of the interview in which both women are discussing emancipation of Chinese woman.

In closing

THEKEY is having more goodies lined up for us in the next couple of days. Let us see what news, if any, will be unraveled at the AMA session!  We will surely keep you updated here at Neonbeginner.com.

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