11 June 2018

Beta Version Of Endorsit iWallic Wallet Launched

The Endorsit weekly progress report #7 dated from the 26th of May to the 1st of June, 2018 provided information on the launch of the Beta version of the iWallic Wallet. In the Endorsit weekly progress report #7 it was also stated that the iWallic blockchain wallet browser will be released at about the same period of the iWallic Wallet launch. The report also provided information on the Endorsit voting that took place on the Bit-Z Exchange as well as details of the Endorsit DAPP development amongst other updates.


The Endorsit iWallic Wallet Launch

The 31st of May, 2018 (13:14 pm) marked the date for the formal launch of the beta version of the NEO iWallic Wallet. There was a total of 500 users that were selected to take part in the first batch of the tests that commenced from the 31st of May to the 6th of June, 2018. Development teams of both EXT and Endorsit are responsible for the iWallic Wallet which was built to be a project that is independent of the ownership of any of the two firms.

EXT and Endorsit technical teams created a convenient, user-friendly and simplistic wallet. The iWallic is a convenient tool with an innovative design developed for members of NEO community by the combined technical teams of EXT and Endorsit. Participation for the iWallic Wallet Beta version by users is still being entertained through an online application.

Endorsit has provided a QR code which you have to scan before you fill the application form. Endorsit also announced that the iWallic blockchain wallet browser will be simultaneously released on the same date as the iWallic Wallet launch.

Voting On Bit-Z Exchange Comes To An End

Endorsit weekly progress report #7 informed members of the community that the voting on Bit-Z Exchange had come to an end. As at the 30th of May, 2018 the votes had attained a 100% mark.

By the 1st of June, 2018 by 15:00 pm it had obtained 2035775VTC. The EDS token was also launched on this date with the first couple of DEX digital assets trading pairs being EDS/ETH and EDS/BTC. Bit-Z is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange with a global outreach. It is ranked as the 7th best global DEX, you can check out their official website here.

Update On The Development Of The Endorsit DAPP

In the Endorsit weekly progress report #7 they announced that the progress in the development of DAPP is still on track. The project document released last week stated that there was a vast improvement in the interaction of both the vote evaluation logic and user interface whenever they are merged. The iWallic Wallet module is also expected to be integrated in the public beta version of DAPP.

Endorsit Strikes Strategic Partnership With Zanbtc.com Forum And Bijing

An independent blockchain forum was created by both Endorsit and Zanbtc.com. an alpha testing on a small scale has been launched and is being modified at the moment. The Zanbtc.com forum Alpha version is expected to be launched very soon for both the first 100 winning authors of the Endorsit essay contest and for Zanbtc Officer.

The Zanbtc.com forum is currently test running the alpha version with the EDS sector interacted by users. Endorsit also entered into a strategic partnership with Bijing which has proven to be a useful website for blockchain data. The development of the relevant functions has been completed and there are a total of 17 functions that are present in 1.0 version. These functions would require bug fixes and iteration. It is expected that every task will be successfully completed this week. Users of the forum will be able to have access to data such as EDS as well as the exchange messages that are in the cryptocurrency.

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