18 June 2018

The Imusify Songwriting Competition Is On!

If you are a songwriter looking to make it big in the music industry, this could be your opportunity to be recognised by music industry practitioners from around the globe. Imusify the NEO blockchain powered music network has only recently announced its song writing competition. Imusify will be receiving entries for its songwriting competition till the 25th of June, 2018. Participants of the Imusify song writing competition stand the chance of earning 1,000 IMU tokens and 20 SBD.

As you already know, Imusify is looking to establish a smart music economy driven by NEO blockchain technology. The platform is transparent, distributed, open source and completely free of middle man control. It will connect musical talents, consumers of music content, stakeholders of the music industry, music producers, talent recruiters and just about anyone interested in music.

On the Imusify platform users will be able to stream music, purchase music, download and share music with ease. What’s more, the rights of all artists will be protected under the Imusify ecosystem as they have full control of their songs in an incentivised system.


Details Of The Imusify Songwriting Competition

Prospective participants of the Imusify song writing competition are expected to put on their thinking caps and write a song on what they feel about the Imusify platform while adding a decent tune to their written songs.

There is no limit to creativity and participants are allowed to be as creative as they want to be. However, the use of obscene language is not allowed. Once an entry is ready for submission, Imusify requires that entrants upload their video recording to any of dTube, Vimeo or YouTube.

They are also required to post their video on Steemit by making use of the #imusify tag. The deadline for the submission of all entries is the 25th of June, 2018. You can get more information about the Imusify song writing competition by clicking this link.

Imusify Is Now Listed On Switcheo Exchange

Imusify has also announced that its IMU token sale will now take place on the 1st of August, 2018. While the Imusify token sale has been eagerly awaited by the community, the reason Imusify gave for the rescheduling of their IMU token sale is because they are waiting for the soon to be launched NEO developed NEP-7 standard.

The NEP-7 is a NEO blockchain creation which will enable NEO Smart contracts to carry out activities on the blockchain automatically once they are activated by transactions in NEO or GAS. NEP-7 has the capability of triggering an automatic reject function in a smart contract for any payment that is not meant for the transaction. With the NEP-7 standard in place, those specialised transactions that were once required for certain transactions (for example token sales) will no longer be necessary.

Imusify decided to wait until NEP-7 is fully functional on MainNet in order to benefit from the pretty clear advantages that the NEP-7 standard has to offer. With the NEP-7, Imusify also wants to prevent encountering any unfortunate issues that could crop-up during their token sale.

Imusify therefore decided to postpone their IMU public token sale by four weeks in order to ensure that there will be little or no challenges encountered when their IMU token is made publicly sold.

The structure as well as the token sale details including the length of the token sale and the respective phases remain as it were. Furthermore, Imusify has concluded a partnership agreement with Switcheo exchange that will culminate in the listing of the IMU token on the exchange at the end of the IMU public token sale.


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