19 June 2018

All You Need To Know About Anthony De Meulemeester – CoZ Consensus Bounty Winner

The winner of the CoZ Consensus Bounty was announced recently and he is Anthony De Meulemeester. Mr. Meulemeester also goes by the NEO Discord identification of @anthdm#4667 and he is the innovator of the NEO Golang port. Anthony is also the creator of neo-go which is a major project under the stable of City of Zion, he also manages the neo-go project as well.

The Neo-go is a project that is intent on being a fully functional NEO Golang port with the inclusion of a consensus node, compiler, light node and virtual machine. Anthony won the CoZ Consensus Bounty with his HoneyBadger BFT which is an innovative “asynchronous consensus algorithm”.

Mr. Meulemeester has an extensive background in the area of the programming of distributed systems with a large scale orientation. He is Belgian and at the age of 16 years, Anthony started working for Counter-Strike clans as a website developer. By 2008, Anthony had acquired a Masters degree in Computer science from Ghent University. Soon after graduation, he gained employment as the lead engineer (bespoke traffic management system) of BubblePost which was an eco-delivery start-up company at the time.

Anthony also worked for Be-Mobile an internationally renowned company where he built in Golang, a network of micro-services to power up the many traffic signs all around Europe. Anthony equally took up some freelance projects from some of the industry’s bigwigs to upgrade the base of legacy codes in both C and C++.

Mr. Meulemeester is currently an employee of AcademicLabs which is a revolutionary matchmaking and research company. AcademicLabs had a problem of data engine scaling and decided that by making use of a Mechanical Turk that is driven by blockchain technology, the problem would be resolved.

Anthony conducted an extensive study of both the NEO and Ethereum blockchains in order to decide on which of the two blockchains would provide the best possible options for their product. NEO blockchain was eventually selected out of the two blockchains because unlike Ethereum, NEO produces high quality projects.

Anthony Joins CoZ!

Anthony had stated when interviewed that he was not even aware that CoZ existed when he developed neo-go. He felt bored in the evenings and on weekends and since he loved working on open source projects, he decided to create neo-go as he noticed that NEO did not have a Golang port.

As he searched for possible documentation for network protocols, he stumbled on the City of Zion group and after the completion of the neo-go project and the submission of a draft to CoZ, he was then invited by the City of Zion.

CoZ admired the self-starter initiative displayed by Anthony, as it is part and parcel of its core principles. The neo-go at the time of submission had only a light node, but today it comes with a compiler and virtual machine which are all fully functional.

The CoZ Consensus Bounty Program Has Winner!

CoZ announced its new Consensus Bounty Program in the first week of May, 2018. Developers were given license to modify the delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) protocol which is utilised on the NEO blockchain network. According to CoZ they were in search of developers that could develop codes which would be fully functional and could lend support to NEO nodes in order to boost the speed of the NEO blockchain network.

CoZ stated that they were looking for developers that could develop a code that would execute a different protocol, (for example: FastBFT, BFTRaft and HoneyBadgerBFT) while also providing information on its performance features. The Bounty Program is in line with the vision of CoZ to improve the NEO blockchain and make it the top-dog of all blockchains by the year 2020.

Anthony De Meulemeester emerged as the winner of the CoZ Bounty Program with the announcement made on the 14th of June, 2018. According to CoZ, Anthony’s HoneyBadger BFT submission was considered the best of all the entries as it was capable of showing up to 2,000 TPS on a consistent basis under “conservative simulation assumptions”.

CoZ also stated that Anthony’s entry could be modified to ensure even better performance (as much as 10,000 TPS and with better concurrency). Anthony also provided some properly “documented and modular code” which can be used as the consensus layer of the NEO blockchain network in the foreseeable future. CoZ awarded Anthony with $50,000 worth of NEO/GAS. You can read more about the announcement of the winner of the Bounty Program by the co-founder of CoZ, Ethan Fast right here.

Getting On Board The CoZ Train!

It’s been six months since Anthony joined CoZ and according to him, he has been enjoying every minute as a member. He said that what really piqued his interest is the high level of skill exhibited by fellow members, the communal nature of the group and the synergy of both ideas and work.

He even has an advice for anyone that would like to join the CoZ bandwagon. Anthony said that anyone interested in joining CoZ should visit the CoZ GitHub page, select a project that tickles their fancy and start making meaningful contributions.

Interested individuals can also be self-starters by starting a project and then showing it to the CoZ Council just like Anthony did. Mr. Meulemeester also stated that anyone interested in joining CoZ should also join the NEO Discord Channel.

You can locate Anthony on the NEO Discord Channel as @anthdm#4667. You can also join the NEO Discord Channel right here, if you want to get on board as a member of the City of Zion development community group.

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