19 June 2018

Old Supporters & T-shirts Are Features Of The Alchemint Progress Report For May

Alchemint conducted an old supporters feedback event on the 21st of May, 2018. The event was held in the Alchemint Telegram Group with a total of 4,000 participants recorded. A questionnaire was filled by all 4,000 participants and the entire feedback process was concluded within a 12 hour timeline.

Out of the 4,000 participants recorded, 2,000 participants representing 50% had a score over 80%. Alchemint also recorded more than 100% increase in the number of individuals joining the Telegram Group. For Reddit there was also an increase in the number of individuals joining the Reddit Channel by more than 100% during the event.

In all, the number of individuals that joined the various channels have increased exponentially. The fan base in the Telegram Group is about 1.6 million while the overall combined fan base is about 3 million. A growth rate per month of 300% has been recorded.

The Best T-Shirt Vote By Alchemint Community

Between the 8th and 15th of May, 2018, Alchemint had launched a “Vote The T-shirt That Presents Alchemint For The Best” activity to its community members. The feedback from members of the Alchemint community far exceeded their expectation. It enabled community members to join in the voting of their preferred Alchemint T-shirt.

This afforded members an opportunity to learn a bit more about what Alchemint is all about and it also provided Alchemint with invaluable feedback from its community members. From the feedback provided by community members, a total of 10 randomly picked winners were announced and rewarded, this was Alchemint’s way of giving back to its community for their diligence and interest in Alchemint’s activities.

Update On Other Projects In The Month Of May

Alchemint SAR-C Version 0.92 Update

The iteration of the first version of the Alchemint SAR-C module was concluded and launched on the Alchemint ecosystem. The Alchemint SAR-C module is a platform powered by NEO blockchain technology where stablecoin will be issued. The v0.92 is already being tested and the following functions can be seen in this first version;

– A function for the SAR risk management and Compulsory Liquidation.

– A function for NEO and NEP-5 standard digital asset conversion.

– A function for the issuing of Stablecoin based on NEP-5 standard digital asset.

Update On Web-Version Wallet

– Editing of the project design documentation as well as the configuration and deployment documents are currently been done. The data will also be open source.

– The wallet dApp is currently being designed.

Update On The Alchemint Whitepaper v1.0

It is expected that the Alchemint Whitepaper v1.0 will soon be launched as the whitepaper is currently in the last stages of proofreading. The Alchemint team will update members of its community as soon as the whitepaper is ready.

Alchemint.io Website Update

The official website of Alchemint is currently being updated with the Alchemint team indicating that the website would soon be launched. The changes in the Alchemint Official website include the following;

– A navigator is included to assist users in knowing the entire layout of the official website. It will also ensure that any future updates to the website is done with ease.

– An introduction video for the SAR-C module has been included.

– The website has a “Contact Us” module which will assist users to join the Alchemint community, the module will also enable market collaboration as well as hiring.

– There is an update on team members and Institution investors.

The Shanghai Science & Tech. Festival

The Shanghai Science & Tech. Festival was held at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai, China on the 22nd of May, 2018. This was a forum on blockchain innovation and had in attendance a large number of key investors in the blockchain industry. With Alchemint being the only Stablecoin platform on the NEO blockchain ecosystem, Miss Zhang the Founder of Alchemint was invited to present a keynote address at the forum and the title of her speech was “Alchemint’s Stabilizingcoin Exploration And Practice”.

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