20 June 2018

Travala And Thor Strike-Up Strategic Partnership Agreement

Travala and Thor have recently reached a cooperative agreement that really promises to be of benefit to users of both NEO blockchain driven networks. Contractors under the Thor network will be able to seek employment opportunities with suppliers under Travala, also the suppliers under Travala can use Thor to boost their workforce and grow their respective travel solution services business. The partnership can truly be called a marriage of convenience as it will be mutually beneficial to both companies.

It might interest you to know that Thor is a platform powered by NEO blockchain which is focused on promoting a “Smart GIG Economy”. It is a network where contractors can get better pay for their service rendered under a transparent, safe, secure and trustless platform.

Contractors will receive their payment instantly on the Thor platform and will have an unlimited access to a wide network of potential jobs. Contractors will also have access to comprehensive retirement plans, health support and other perks that were previously reserved for full-time employees of companies in a what would be a truly revolutionary GIG economy led by Thor Network.

Travala on the other hand is a completely decentralised travel booking marketplace that directly links up both vendors and consumers to transact business without the need of a middleman and without any need for fees or commissions (zero percent). This marketplace is driven by NEO blockchain technology and will see vendors and consumers from around the world interact and transact business under a cost effective, open source, transparent and trustless platform.


David Chin – CEO Of Thor Speaks!

The CEO of Thor Mr. David Chin spoke about their strategic partnership with Travala. He said that Thor was extremely excited at the prospect and opportunities that would be gained from the strategic partnership, stating that the Travala team comprise of smart individuals and their project is a great one that can be used by contractors under the Thor Network.

Likewise the Thor platform can assist those independent suppliers that utilise the Travala platform by matching them with an effective and efficient workforce that would meet their requirements and expectation.   


Travala Will Break Barriers In The Travel Industry

It must be said that the team members of Travala have a combined experience of more than 75 years. They intend creating a “Smart Travel Booking Economy” using NEO blockchain technology to revolutionise not just the online travel industry, but the global travel industry as a whole. Travala will demystify the travel booking industry by providing opportunities for small startup service providers to gain entry into the travel industry with limitless ease.

According to the Co-Founder of Travala.com – Matthew Luczynski, the strategic partnership with Thor only made common sense for Travala. As they aim to establish a Smart Travel Booking Economy and Smart Travel Ecosystem that will be very broad and which will now include optimizing the workforce of suppliers through the Thor Network. With a supplier on the Travala platform being able to gain access to the Thor Smart GIG Economy, that supplier can have full access to an unlimited number of potential workers and the supplier will always have workers available whenever they have a task to be accomplished.

These independent travel solution service providers that are active on the Travala platform will be able to gain from the huge workforce potential that the Thor Network has to offer. At the same time, contractors under the Thor platform can make use of the Travala Network to look for any available work on offer by the independent travel solution service providers that make use of the Travala Network. The contractors are also exposed to the travel booking opportunities that Travala has to offer and this further expanciates the huge potential that the strategic partnership would bring to users of both decentralised NEO blockchain powered platforms.

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