03 July 2018

Employment Redefined With Moonlight

Moonlight – The Smart Economy Workforce!

Moonlight is a decentralised platform that is built on NEO blockchain technology that is designed to redefine employment by changing the recruitment protocol of corporate entities as well as how these organisations scale their respective workforce.

Moonlight is known as a “Smart Economy Workforce” which also acts as a high performing blockchain powered talent matching network. Moonlight comes with a matchmaking algorithm that is incorporated into Smart Contracts on the platform in order to offer talent/recruitment recommendations to corporate entities.

These recruitment recommendations are based primarily on the skillset and core competence of the available talent in relation to the specific requirements of the workforce recruiter. Moonlight has stated that their matchmaking protocol’s Smart Contract version will be publicly defined and accessible.


What Does Moonlight Have To Offer?

Moonlight offers a variety of services that include the following;

Identification Resource – Moonlight’s matchmaking protocol will rapidly pair job tasks to corporate entities that are willing and able to accomplish such tasks in accordance with the required specifications.

Coordination Of Advanced Projects – Moonlight provides a “trustless dataset” that enables users capitalise on tools utilised for advanced projects.

Moonlight Provides Trustless Resumes – Every task that is accomplished on the Moonlight platform will become NEO blockchain public ledgers. What this means is that prospective recruiters would have no reason to question the experience and competence of the talents on the network.

Moonlight Takes Care Of Remittance – Moonlight can take care of the remittance requirements of users and significantly lower project overhead costs in the process.

Moonlight Can Handle Project Crowdfunding Needs – Organisations can leverage on Moonlight for their project crowdfunding requirements. This will vastly improve the transparency of their respective projects.

A Decentralised Workforce – Moonlight offers an open source, decentralised platform where organisations have the benefit of recruiting a global workforce to accomplish their specific project requirements.


Moonlight’s Presale Completion Announcement

Moonlight has recently announced the completion of their presale. The Moonlight presale submission form was officially closed on the 20th of May, 2018 at (00:00 GMT). Within a week (6 days in fact) they had a total presale application of 1,184. The presale applications were also received from applicants from across the globe.

A total of 250,000,000 LX tokens representing 25% of the overall supplied LX tokens were sold during the presale and in spite of a recently inconsistent market, Moonlight were still able to attain their presale hard cap.

Those that participated in the presale were not given any bonus and Moonlight has stated that the participants will be part of their waterfall vesting schedule. For more on this you can read through the Moonlight Whitepaper right here. It is on record that participants from 22 countries from around the world actively participated in the presale. The global distribution of LX tokens can be seen in the illustration below.

The global distribution of LX tokens

The global distribution of LX tokens

During the presale, Moonlight accepted GAS, NEO and ETH contributions from participants. Below is an illustration of the participation distribution.

participation distribution

Moonlight Public Token Sale And Newsletter Benefits

Moonlight also said that a total of 250,000,000 LX tokens which also represents 25% of the total LX tokens supplied will be made available for the public sale in July, 2018. The exchange rate of the LX token public sale will be similar to that of the presale.

Members of the Moonlight community are encouraged to subscribe to the Moonlight Newsletter. The benefit of the Newsletter subscription to participants of the LX token public sale is that they will be given priority attention during the public sale. You can subscribe to the Moonlight Newsletter by visiting the official website of Moonlight here. Moonlight will update it’s community on the LX token public sale in due time and you can be sure to get any update on this site.


Moonlight Is Forming An Alliance!

The Moonlight project is currently being supported by reputable strategic partners such as City of Zion, Thor, VDT.NETWORK, nOS, NGC and Red4Sec. At the moment Moonlight has engaged in strategic partnerships with a total of 47 notable blockchain organisations who have shown a lot of confidence and trust in the Moonlight project.

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