03 July 2018

NNS Announces .neo Domain Name Registration Bounty Program

NNS To Reward Registrants Of .neo Domain Names

The Neo Name Service or NNS has announced that it will reward those .neo domain name registrants with NNC tokens for their express interest in registering .neo domain names. Neo Name Service (NNS) stated that 10% of the total NNC tokens supplied will be injected into the .neo domain name registration bounty program.

The NNS Council further stated that this bounty program is meant to spur more people into registering .neo domain names. They also said that the .neo domain name registration bounty program was in furtherance of the vision of Neo Name Service (NNS) to be rated as one of the most sort after and utilised decentralised application (dApp) on the NEO blockchain.

Neo Name Service (NNS) informed the blockchain community that the rules for the .neo domain name registration bounty program is not yet available, but will be ready right before the expected August, 2018 launch of the NNS MainNet version. NNS will keep the blockchain community updated before then and you can be sure to get all the updates right here on this site.  


The NEO Balance-based Airdrop Has Concluded

On the 3rd of July (Tuesday), 2018 at 2:00 am (GMT+8), NNS announced the conclusion of the NEO balance-based airdrop of their NNC tokens. Neo Name Service stated that where the NNC token balance is not displayed on the NEO wallet of the recipient of the airdropped NNC token, the user will have to manually add the NNC Script Hash: “fc732edeelefdf968c23c20a9628eaa5a6ccb934” to their NEO wallet. NNS also said that 30 days after the deployment of the NNC token contract to the NEO MainNet, there will be an airdrop of 50 testing-based NNC tokens.


No NNC Public Token Sale

It is no secret that the Neo Name Service (NNS) was created to offer users with domain name services and to give them a simple and convenient domain name ending with .neo. While GAS can be used to purchase .neo domain name, any NNC token holder is entitled to a domain name auction income which is in direct correlation with the amount of NNC tokens that are held.

The NNC tokens will be used to initiate root domain names and NNS decided against a public token sale, but rather they chose to airdrop NNC tokens to NEO holders at a ratio of 1 NEO : 0.1 NNC. What this means is that if you hold 100 NEO tokens, you will be airdropped 10 NNC tokens.

NNS had announced that it will dedicate 1% of the total NNC tokens supplied towards the airdrop. The majority of the NNC tokens were used in compensating anyone that had aided the development of the Neo Name Service platform and added value to the NNS network through different forms of contribution.

Prior to the conclusion of the NEO balance-based airdrop, NNS had advised those NEO holders that were interested in the NNC token airdrop and had indivisible NEO tokens in decentralised exchanges (DEX) to ensure that the NNC token airdrop would be supported by the DEX where their NEO tokens were held.

The alternative given by Neo Name Service (NNS) for NEO holders with their NEO tokens in a DEX that would not support the airdrop was to have their NEO stored in a customisable wallet, this way NEO token holders interested in the NNC token airdrop would have no issues. Those decentralised exchanges (DEX) that supported the NNC token airdrop also had the NNC tokens sold to them directly by Neo Name Service (NNS) in an organised private sale.

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