05 July 2018

Announcement! The nOSNet TestNet For dApps Has Been Launched By nOS

nOSNet TestNet Has Been Launched!

nOSNet is a NEO blockchain powered public TestNet that enables software developers to launch as well as test out their developed nOS decentralised applications (dApps). Recently nOS announced that it had launched its nOSNet which acts as a sort of operating system (OS) that will run on both desktop and mobile devices.

This virtual OS will operate just like an application store similar to Google PlayStore or iStore and also as a browser. nOS smart contracts can also be deployed and it will enable users to both register and manage domains.

Pre-sale Privileges For Developers

With the nOS public token sale scheduled for sometime in the third quarter of 2018 (between July and September), nOS has said that it would grant pre-sale privileges to those developers that are able to publish decentralised applications (dApps) on nOSNet as well as submit an application for nOSNet domain name.

Any developer of decentralised applications (dApps) can submit an application for a nOSNet domain name (nos://) just be doing two things. The first thing the the developer needs to do is to utilise the nOS Client which can be obtained on the nOS GitHub. Secondly, developers will need to submit an application for the nOSNet GAS that is needed for the deployment of a smart contract.

Those decentralised applications (dApps) that have been submitted by developers through the nOSNet TestNet will be subjected to scrutiny by the nOS team and if approved the dApps will be activated automatically in the “Name Service Smart Contract”.

Once this is done the dApps will then be available to the general public. Any user that wants to search for and utilise a particular dApp, all they need to do is to enter the domain name of the dApp onto the browser bar of the nOS Client (for example; nos://nos.neo) and the dApp will be displayed.

If a smart contract is to be deployed on nOSNet a developer needs to install neo-python to their desktop device and then comply with the specific instructions provided in the GitHub repo. As soon as a smart contract has been deployed, the dApp will then be completely accessible to both end-users as well as any other developer on the (nos:// protocol) and at your preferred domain name.


A Breakdown Of How Developers Can Submit dApps On nOSNet

  • Follow the instructions on GitHub to download the latest version of the nOS Client.
  • To create your decentralised application (dApp), go through the API documentation.
  • Create a dApp (i.e. index.html file).
  • Where a javascript framework like Angular 2 or React is deployed in the building of your dApp, it is almost always done using either an NPM or Yarn build.
  • Make sure that the production folder contents of your dApp are deployed to a fresh GitHub repo. Ensure that the index.html file of your dApp is placed in the root folder of the GitHub repo.
  • Next, enable the GitHub Pages for the “Master Branch”, this is done from the GitHub repo “Settings”. Click on the “Save” button and then go back to the option for GitHub Pages.
  • A box will be seen with the following information displayed: “Your Site Is Ready To Be Published At [URL]”. Make sure you copy out the URL displayed.
  • You then need to start the nOS Client, use your NEO account to login and then click on the “Submit dApp” in the: https://my.nos.app.
  • You should then enter your preferred domain with no extension under the “Domain Name” section. For example; my-dapp under the dApp GitHub URL.
  • Next, paste the GitHub Pages URL that you obtained from your GitHub repo “Settings”.
  • You then need to fill out the ”Short Description” box. Here you are expected to provide a short description of the dApp that you have submitted.
  • Once your dApp has been approved by the nOS team, you will receive a notification via email. With your dApp Smart Contract deployed to nOSNet, you will be awarded 500 GAS for your contribution.

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